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  1. Well we all have day jobs at least... :)
  2. OK, here is a thought, You can setup EvilAP on a pineapple and get all the lootz on the people that have WiFi enabled and autoconnect setup (most people). But what about people like Us? the ones that are smart enough to turn off WiFi, not autoconnect to networks etc? Why not attack 3-4G! Think about this. You can pick up a mobile Cell Repeater to help with low cellular signal strength at home, but why not hack it so that "anyone" can connect to the mobile tower, rather than the small list of users in your home. Then as you walk into a location, you can automagically pick up all communications (as you will now be the local tower), then if you have the connections, you can send the data through from the cell AP to the Pineapple to hit the fake portals to reap more lootz before passing them on to the internet connection on the Pineapple. My guess would be that you'd have to find some way of accepting the connection with the AP as either unencrypted or break that encryption between AP and Pineapple, then re-encrypt on the back end, or would you. The pwned cell data user would probably not see any difference provided that they are connecting via HTTPS to the website of their choice, and of course, the APs are branded, so you will only get 1 vendor at a time/roamers (but they are few now). But think of the Pwnage!!! PS> As a (mostly) WhiteHat, this is of course for testing purposes only, if anyone can figure out the way to do it... Bob
  3. Just watched the premier episode of "Hacking the System" the other day from my DVR and there is a 5 minute segment where he talks about creating a rouge AP to cap cell phone data, along with harvesting user data. the Video clearly shows the Pineapple login screen and the admin screen. Bob
  4. I use mavericks to connect, and the only thing I had to do was to make sure my laptops primary internet interface (wifi) was at the top of the list of network connections in the networking system preference, I used a thunderbolt=>ethernet to connect to the pineapple as the second on the list and no issues.
  5. I believe this was covered in one of the Podcasts. the Pineapple comes setup for the US channels, but if you access the command line you can modify the files to tell it to use both the UK and Japanese channels. Not sure which files but I know that the instructions are out there somewhere..
  6. Can you post a link to the video, for some reason it no longer appears for me inline..
  7. The Alt-Space and all the down arrows are interface commands to push the command line interface off the visible screen.
  8. Is it still true that it takes a LONG time for the card to recognize? EDIT>> I waited more than an Hour and Nothing recognized on my mac. pulled up a Windows VM and after 20 minutes it still does not see it. I think I may have a non functional adapter.
  9. I quit 3 years ago after 6 years of playing, However I recently re-enabled my account to see how things are playing with pandas... I'm primarrily on Durotan with my guild (Defenders of Valhalla) WoW is actually kinda fun, however it has been so dumbed down (PvE) that unless you PvP it gets boring. I got 6 of my 80s to 90 and 3 others to mid 80s in less than a month..
  10. So maybe with some work we can have Pirate Drones to take on Amazon's new fleet of delivery drones that they are developing (UPS looking into it also). Yarrrr!!!
  11. Under the Shipping Info, in the section "We Fight Fraud" where they explain the process of emails after your order to alter the ship location to get it sent to an alternate (work) address.. https://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/shipping-info
  12. the Sixth dip switch, AKA the dipshit switch prevents blowing the 5 up? I'll have to make sure that one is on all the time.. lol
  13. Ordered friday with the Shipping address change, should be shipping today :)
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