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  1. To the first part: yes. I have done that with a teensy and a FTDI usb-to-serial cable. The rest was too long and, to be honest, I didn't read it!
  2. To be fair though, the DIPS are pretty bonkers and the documentation is a little ropey.
  3. I'm not convinced it will have wifi (no antenna or grounding cans that I can see on the PCB) but it would be pretty cool if it does have. That could be a wifi capable Atheros AR9331 like on the Wifi Pineapple. That would make a lot of sense - take the SOC that you have familiarity and include it in the next hardware product. Let's hope the bottom of that PCB is a trace antenna and some GPIO :)
  4. Looks interesting, I'm interested to see what use-cases / modules it has (and whether or not any relevant code is open source). USB A male connector looks a bit strange in a device that size though - micro B might have been a better choice!
  5. It is not bias - I just believe that what you are asking is not possible (and that your understanding of badusb is flawed). You keep it technical: show us where in the USB protocol you think it is possible and how it is possible with proprietary ATMEL microcontroller and firmware. Also explain to the writers of the alternate ducky firmwares how they were stupid and overlooked such a simple way to determine the OS. Assuming this kind of thing is possible then a ducky is not a sensible choice of device as it has no hardware extensibility.
  6. I'd say you have close to zero chance of this been done anytime soon, especially on a ducky - good luck though!
  7. No, not easily. The script itself would have to do this. Or use a teensy w/ LED feedback or soldered on DIPS (like a peensy).
  8. The Mark IV is essentially abandoned now, as far as I can tell: https://www.wifipineapple.com/?downloads&version=mk4 So, no, don't expect it for the Mark IV.
  9. My advice: write your own scripts that do the task you wish to accomplish. More importantly, make sure you understand what is happening!
  10. My advice would be to not run third party code that you don't understand :) Remember, it is just a keyboard, so enter commands one by one and then troubleshoot.
  11. I wouldn't bother using anything other than the stock firmware unless you desperately need some of the additional functionality or need to work around a bug - more trouble than it is worth in my opinion.
  12. Exactly - so on linux the file extension is unimportant - with the shebang in the file, the file can simply be called 'runme'. Then you can run it with ./runme after it is made executable. './runme' is a bit nicer than 'python runme.py' On windows you would have to have the '.py' extension and then you mess around with the registry (if my memory serves me correct) to allow it to be executed directly as 'runme.py'.
  13. Best to stick a shebang at the top of the file for convenience too.
  14. My gut instinct is no, not a chance.
  15. I'd guess no. Sending texts from an Arduino, maybe. Buy something known to be useful for SDR: http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/software-defined-radio
  16. Well it is written in Ducky script so looks like ****, that's your first problem :) But really, enter the commands on a keyboard and see where the problem occurs? If everything works OK it is possibly a delay related issue.
  17. I doubt it will have remote access / web interface unless it is a pineapple add-on. If it is a pineapple add-on it would likely be a USB ethernet adapter with a built-in LAN TAP?
  18. If portability isn't a major concern, maybe look into an Intel Nuc (with a celeron chip if you want low cost) - then you can run full blown Kali linux in a small form factor. I bought a MKV on launch night but it is just too much hassle so it hardly ever used :(
  19. I'm intrigued as to what the turtle will offer and what advantage it could have over a MKV (or similar) ethernet port. Possibly just a device for ARP spoofing, messing with DHCP and DNS? I'm pretty impatient :) Any speculation?
  20. Either will do just fine as you can do it via the web interface on the pineapple. I don't like the license situation for the pineapple or infusions, so I'd write my own scripts or ssh in to the pineapple rather than depend on infusions! But I am in the minority :)
  21. Teensy LC is pretty awesome for the price too. Pretty much identical to Teensy 3.1 in terms of mouse and keyboard functionality.
  22. Cool, I toyed with the idea of doing something similar a few years back but didn't bother since I couldn't think why anyone in their right mind would want to author anything in ducky script in the first place :) Would prefer to see actual code rather that "service as a software substitute" though.
  23. Remember it is just a keyboard, so execute the payload line by line and see what doesn't work as expected.
  24. I just hope it isn't half baked or a pineapple HDK board with an ethernet port retro fitted! :)
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