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  1. Probably this bug: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30539-client-mode-connect-to-wpa2-personal-access-point-fails/
  2. I don't have my pineapple with me at the moment, but here is the content of the relevant files from a backup I made the other day (with sensitive information changed): network: Wireless:
  3. OK, so now I can't even client mode connect to open networks - even after a 'factory reset'. Addtionally, even attempting to client mode connect to any network kills the Pineapple5_xxxx access point and it doesn't work again until I do another factory rest. Something doesn't seem right to me... Are there any diagnostics I can run to make sure both radios are working properly and/or make sure that a factory reset is working properly? I tried the WiFi Manager infusion and couldn't get things working either! Is anybody else having issues or is it just me?
  4. I was unable to connect my MKV to a WPA2-Personal access point using the 'Client Mode' page. I could connect to access points with open authentication just fine though... Are there any known bugs/issues here? The settings in /etc/config/wireless seem fine. Any ideas / good places to look for clues as to what is causing the problem?
  5. Can we have the MKV web interface on Github and make it a GPL project? Now that it is out of "secret" mode (and using a custom board) it would be nice to be able to keep track of developments and be able to contribute back to the official code line (or fork it and implement some of my crazy ideas). Additionally, it would be nice to have infusions open sourced, where the author is happy with this. From my point of view, the MKV opens up some exciting possibilities and I'd like to get more involved with enhancing some of the core functionality rather than just contributing infusions. Additionally, can we have the process for deploying a web interface on the pineapple documented? Suppose I have a patched/customized web interface that I want to use (or if we make it a Github project and head revs are pulled), how can I deploy the code in such a way as not to break the 'restore' functionality and brick the thing! I know it is 'un-brickable' but I have a habit of breaking things! :) Are there any gotchas that we should be aware of with customizing the web interface?
  6. I'm missing the SD card and instructions too - looking forward to the SD card image so that I can get up and running - was thinking I'd have to wait until an SD card was mailed to me!
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