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  1. I think the "you" in that response refers to Seb.

    Yep, or whoever it is who doesn't know how to manage code releases / use github :)

    A bit of a lack of professionalism really if it is all meant to be hush hush until DEFCON.

  2. Not much, just all the module code and the link to the bin that can be unsquashed to get ALL the turtle code :)

    Having all the code tells you the architecture, whether wifi is present, etc

  3. No love for the turtle? Anybody downloaded the code and firmware yet and had a poke around like me?

    I was expecting some news after the open house - especially as it was supposed to be on show.

  4. Don't get me started ranting about lack of decent documentation! :) It is all a bit of a mess, but appears to be slowly getting better (with a mdwiki etc). Best thing would be to google the underlying tool for the infusion (usually pretty obvious) or search the forums for the relevant introduction / support thread.

  5. Without releasing any spoilers, it does look like the deployment method is actually a USB to ethernet provider where the "victim" gets internet via the turtle - or at least this is one scenario. Yep, usb powered.


    ‚ÄčEdit: Got my hands on the firmware so I pretty much know all I need to now! :)

  6. I downloaded the zip whilst it was live, it answered some of my questions as to what the turtle is. I'm still a bit baffled as to the deployment usecase: a pineapple should be able to do the same + with wifi. I guess the USP is just a small form factor?

  7. nice idea, i will do it. i will fund 50 euros.

    Good luck! Hope you can afford the loss. I'd say the chance of this been delivered in "two weeks" is essentially zero (especially if he doesn't even have a ducky yet).

    I'd suggest paying after delivery of working code...

  8. An announcement would be features and maybe price and availability as far as I'm concerned - not "some people saw something" and "if you grok twitter you can find some vague stuff...".

    Guess I'll just build something based on my own concept of what an ethernet pentest tool should encompass :)

  9. My brain just can't handle massive impenterable blocks of text in this heat :)

    Yep, a teensy has a usb port and the FTDI cable adds a second so you can hook that into your PC. You get a ducky that can be sent keystrokes in real time (plus mouse movements).

    I don't have all the details to hand but you will need:

    Teensy LC

    3.3V FTDI cable

    Perma-proto board

    A bit of wire

    Micro USB to USB A Male adapter

    An Arduino sketch runs on the Teensy with (in my case) python (with pyserial library) script running on the PC.

    Total hardware cost about $40. More if you want to get fancy and add OLED displays, switches, etc.

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