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  1. So it's been a couple days since my last post... I guess no one is porting this to 3.0 or Mark V? Anyone have directions on doing this manually with CLI?
  2. Awesome thanks man! I'd love to use 3.0 but there are more then a couple infusions that haven't been ported over that I really want to use. It's a shame everything didn't get ported over.
  3. Awesome! Thanks man. I kind of have a work around. If I do one command at a time and make sure it has a "Hey" and "Thanks" at the start and end of the command it works more often then not, but it's not very trust worthy. It would be nice to have a "Status" command that shoots back a list of the features that are enabled or disabled. "Wifi = Yes, Karma = Yes, DNSSpoof = No" then you'd know if the command actually took... Just a suggestion. This is very cool little app btw, super handy.
  4. Ok, I'm running 2.8.1 with SMSer 1.1 according to pineapplebar... I've got it talking to gmail, I've got it txting me back, but it's not executing the commands I give it. Is there anyway to update the backend without going to 3.x the infusion list for 3 is limited compared to 2.x. :( I've tried all the built in commands and some custom ones for disabling wifi/enabling wifi. I get responses back from the pineapple via txt but it's like the commands never run on the unit. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?
  5. Any word on when the 3.0 version will be completed? I've got an event coming up that needs it's love. Thanks! BVH
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