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  1. Darren post back in October sums it up well: It appears they have been experimenting with new attacks back in October. Hopefully some turned out to work well and we will see them rolled into future updates.
  2. Relax man, It's the weekend. They will probably get back to you on Monday. If your order has been placed, you will get an email with a subject like: Order confirmation for order #xxxxx Once it ships: "Your order has been shipped!" which could include a tracking number (UPS Worldwide Expedited). The verification goes through an automatic verification system. Therefore if your order throws a few flags, you may need to provide photo ID with your billing address on it, or something similar. Pretty straight forward, so you should have nothing to worry about!
  3. I have been following this new forum and would just like to say a quick thanks to midnitesnake. You have been extremely patient and firing replies away in this, and other threads! It's great to see. Might be worth doing a FAQ and pin it at the top eventually with the main bits of info regarding SDR. Your enthusiasm and helpfulness gave me the confidence to take a leap and order one. Keep it up! :)
  4. Yet another quality release by you Whistle! Many thanks for the effort put in, and also to Seb integrating the latest binary into the repository. Only one question... What's next? :)
  5. Looking forward to it. :) You have done a bunch of great work on the earlier versions, and spent a considerable amount of time fine tuning. OSX Payload next? :P Keep it up!
  6. I'm going to find out how I did this for you by tonight, I was up very late when I got it installed, memory is a bit hazy! Just to be sure, you did try this on the SD card, not the internal memory, correct? Scapy isn't very big (Around 2MB) Some of the infusions leverage packages already available via opkg (I think), others don't. For example, Whistlemaster is integrating Bully into his Reaver infusion. Foxtrot/Sebkine/Whistlemaster, could you shed some light here for shadesoflight? Good luck! Edit: Wiki on infusions for good measure: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Creating_Infusions Edit2: Screenshot of where I dropped the scapy folder. (I first unzipped it, then put the scapy folder into the /sd/ Also the scapy-dev link which I used. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/scapy
  7. Hey shadesoflight, welcome to the forums! It was a couple of weeks ago, but I think I just downloaded scapy, transferred it onto the SD card, and ran the python install script: 1) Download the latest scapy via http://scapy.net/ then unzip, then transfer to your SD card on your pineapple via sftp 2) SSH into the pineapple, then "python setup.py install" in the directory you transferred the scapy directory into. 3) Should be good to go! I stopped diving deeper when I saw the dev upstream was working on it. I like your enthusiasm though, especially about making your own packages! Sounds very interesting! Would be great to get easy-creds packaged as well. Let me know if the above doesn't do it, and I'll try it out again.
  8. I think it should be a feature freeze, and now focus on bug fixing! For example the arp bug, where the $gateway option is invalid. :) I've got some spare time over this weekend to take another look. Fruity Cracker sounds good!
  9. Hey Jesse, Hope you enjoyed the holidays, and Happy New Year! Any update in the works?
  10. I see what you did there. Whilst I don't like passive aggressiveness, the forum is popular amongst users, and it's actually the first time I heard of the Hak5 shop blog. Might not be a bad idea for the Hak5 team to post a sticky in the future when the team is out of town. An announcement post that is permanently pinned at the top of the "View new content" section would be great! Hope things went well at CES!
  11. Nope, you should see a funny network name on your wifi. Check the wiki for some more details: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Factory_Reset
  12. This was to make the Pineapple FCC compliant which was a big must afaik.
  13. You may have what I had. I haven't actually reported it (should have) because I have been using a pineapple battery pack. My power went dead very early on, and I haven't used it since, as I enjoy the freedom of placing the pineapple where I need it. I think they have some quality issues with the power lead. If you can, get hold of a battery pack like the pineapples and test it, I am sure it will be fine, or maybe this is a new issue.
  14. Hey there and welcome to the forum. I frankly have no idea, but let's knock a few bottles down. 1) Do a complete reflash, last section: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing 2) Still the same problem? Does the same thing happen if you use the pineapple from another location in the house? 3) This behaviour only happens when the pineapple is on, correct? 4) Does the only happen when your kids are around? Try doing it when they are asleep with computers closed. 5) Post your /etc/config/wireless Your guest network will appear, because it does a scan to see available access points.
  15. Web developers are becoming more informed, and therefore closing holes. Which is a good thing.
  16. Hey there and welcome! I'm guessing you used the -L option. Try a brand new session without -L. Basically the router responds as if it isn't locked, when in fact it is, if I remember well. Good luck!
  17. Agreed, looks like some advertising spam. The person has removed it though. Also changed their profile to Male, but in the introduce me section: Almost sounds generic.
  18. Hey Sailor, I have installed scapy, but not to sure about nfqueue-bindings. Do you or anyone else have any ideas? Thanks! Edit: Posted a feature request on his Github. He replied very quickly, and has heard about the pineapple, which is promising. I pointed him to this forum topic where there are people that have more knowledge then me to get this into an infusion. Lets make it happen! Edit2: Dev: DanMcInerney "My friend was just talking about how he might need it for javascript keylogger injection on his Mark V. I'd be honored to have it in an infusion. Let me know if you need anything done. Actually I realize that we'll probably need to eliminate the arp spoofing portion if it's on the pineapple."
  19. Upload the screencaps to an image sharing website like imgur.com, and use the image button below the smiley face.
  20. The command brctl show shows all current instances of the ethernet bridge. The command brctl addif <brname> <ifname> will make the interface <ifname> a port of the bridge <brname>. This means that all frames received on <ifname> will be processed as if destined for the bridge. Also, when sending frames on <brname>, <ifname> will be considered as a potential output interface. The command brctl delif <brname> <ifname> will detach the interface <ifname> from the bridge <brname>. Just adding this for future reference, Mr Protocol posted it in a previous thread with a similar thing. Client mode is easier as you have found out. :)
  21. I think you have to wait for the Hak5 team to push an update into their packages. Found this on the openwrt dev site: https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/packages/net/nmap/ "[packages] nmap: upgrade to 6.40 Signed-off-by: Peter Wagner …" 5 months ago. Also a makefile: # # Copyright (C) 2006-2012 OpenWrt.org # # This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. # See /LICENSE for more information. #TODO # # * uClibcpp not supported, performance +100x slower. libstdcpp is being used. https://bugs.busybox.net/show_bug.cgi?id=2545 # * liblua is still not recognized/blindly accepted. Impossible to compile with support # include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk PKG_NAME:=nmap PKG_VERSION:=6.40 PKG_RELEASE:=1 PKG_SOURCE:=$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION).tar.bz2 PKG_SOURCE_URL:=http://nmap.org/dist/ PKG_MD5SUM:=c0e2f3370e1fb97fb53185b15aa22aff PKG_INSTALL:=1 PKG_BUILD_DIR:=$(BUILD_DIR)/$(PKG_NAME)-$(BUILD_VARIANT)/$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION) include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/package.mk NMAP_DEPENDS:=+libpcap +libstdcpp NCAT_DEPENDS:=+libpcap NPING_DEPENDS:=+libpcap +libpthread +libstdcpp NDIFF_DEPENDS:=+python define Package/nmap/default SUBMENU:=NMAP Suite SECTION:=net CATEGORY:=Network URL:=http://nmap.org/ endef define Package/nmap $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NMAP_DEPENDS) VARIANT:=nossl TITLE:=Utility for network exploration or security auditing endef define Package/nmap-ssl $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NMAP_DEPENDS) +libopenssl VARIANT:=ssl TITLE:=Nmap (with OpenSSL support) endef define Package/ncat $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NCAT_DEPENDS) VARIANT:=nossl TITLE:=Much-improved reimplementation of Netcat endef define Package/ncat-ssl $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NCAT_DEPENDS) +libopenssl VARIANT:=ssl TITLE:=Ncat (with OpenSSL support) endef define Package/nping $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NPING_DEPENDS) VARIANT:=nossl TITLE:=Network packet generation tool / ping utility endef define Package/ndiff $(call Package/nmap/default) DEPENDS:=$(NDIFF_DEPENDS) VARIANT:=nossl TITLE:=Utility to compare the results of Nmap scans endef CONFIGURE_ARGS += \ --with-libdnet=included \ --with-libpcre=included \ --with-libpcap="$(STAGING_DIR)/usr" \ --without-liblua CONFIGURE_VARS += CXXFLAGS="$$$$CXXFLAGS -fno-builtin" ifeq ($(BUILD_VARIANT),ssl) CONFIGURE_ARGS += --with-openssl="$(STAGING_DIR)/usr" else CONFIGURE_ARGS += --without-openssl endif define Package/nmap/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/nmap $(1)/usr/bin/ $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/share/nmap $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/share/nmap/* $(1)/usr/share/nmap/ endef define Package/nmap-ssl/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/nmap $(1)/usr/bin/ $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/share/nmap $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/share/nmap/* $(1)/usr/share/nmap/ endef define Package/ncat/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/ncat $(1)/usr/bin/ endef define Package/ncat-ssl/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/ncat $(1)/usr/bin/ $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/share/ncat $(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/share/ncat/ca-bundle.crt $(1)/usr/share/ncat/ endef define Package/ndiff/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/ndiff $(1)/usr/bin/ endef define Package/nping/install $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/bin/nping $(1)/usr/bin/ endef $(eval $(call BuildPackage,nmap)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,nmap-ssl)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,ncat)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,ncat-ssl)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,nping)) $(eval $(call BuildPackage,ndiff)) Interesting notes in the TODO. 100x slower? I checked out the busybox link, and there has been no activity on it since 2011. I'm going to post a ping. Edit: There hasn't been alot of updates in Nmap in the openwrt dev section. There was a 10 month lull, and a jump from 6.01 -> 6.40.
  22. As a new pineapple customer, I am very happy with the entire Hak5 community/team here. It's a nice friendly ecosystem, and just want to wish everyone happy holidays! Also, a hat tip to the old guard, who are very helpful/active on here with the new users. Enjoy the beer and don't drink and drive! Cheers!
  23. Hey! It's a friendly community here, questions/problems are always welcome. :) I have a Mac and will try to help as best as I can. I have not connected over ethernet before however. 1. USB -> Ethernet adapter you purchased, is recognised by OSX? For example, when you plug a cable into the back of your home router, and into that adapter connected to your Mac, do you get an ip? If yes, great, the adapater isn't the problem. 2. Connect your ethernet cable to the pineapple and adapter, and turn it on. Open up Safari and try to browse to . No login page? Go to network preferences, what does it say? Is it showing the ethernet as connected, or any status message/ip? (Better still, open up Terminal, and type 'ifconfig' with no quotes. Paste the output here with the code tool.) 3.Chriswhat posted a step by step a little while back. Give it a go, and again do an ifconfig via Terminal and post the output here with the code tool.
  24. Hey Jesse, Quick question, should the etter.conf be: [privs] ec_uid = 0 # nobody is the default ec_gid = 0 # nobody is the default iso [privs] ec_uid = 65534 # nobody is the default ec_gid = 65534 # nobody is the default To run as root? If anyone can tell me when it should and shouldn't be dropped to 0 that would be great! I have just been making it zero in everycase out of habit.
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