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  1. I used the win7-win8-cdc-acm.inf located in the root of the BashBunny mountable storage to install the driver. I guess I missed it earlier before :)
  2. Sorry I was a bit unclear(extreamly) I tried in different ways to make it fail on boot to trigger the factory reset, it did not work. I am wondering if one can "cheat" the counter(boot failure counter) ?!
  3. Hi, When I am trying to install the tools_installer payload the bash the green led is plain solid and windows 10 can seem to be able to install the driver for ATTACKMODE SERIAL I guess ? Did anyone manage to solve this ? I can connect to it via SSH (Serial) when in arming mode so I am not sure what is going on. I did try the automatic driver search function and google around a bit for a generic driver but I am still a bit stuck. Can anyone help ? / Albert
  4. I did not brick mine at all(yet!). I bought two and one was dead on arrival. I was wondering before I start changing anything if there is a way to restore the only one I have right now :) HAK5 support is amazing, they are sending over a new one (to replace the DOA one).
  5. Hi, I am wondering if there is a manual method to perform a factory reset or re-installation of the firmware ? Thinking that it is good to ask/know before I start experimenting :) Thanks for the all the help upfront!
  6. Thank you Foxtrot. The sysupgrade -n solved it for me. I was now able to use wlan1 and also a usb conected nic. I was also able to use USB Tethering from my oneplus one, that did not work for me at all with v 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 I am looking forward to the 1.0.4 beta resale :)
  7. Thank you Jim, The setting are correct. I didnt think to share my computers internet connection. I will try it out. Strange that I cannot use any of the nano wlan.
  8. Hi, please let me start by saying, I am a n00b. I am stuck on on V1 and cannot connect to internet at all with the pineapple. I tried wlan1 and an external wifi usb connected, each scan returnes false in the network selection box. 1) Can I factory reset the nano ? 2) Can I manually install the 1.0.3 ? (using ssh,copying the bin file then using chmod +x and runing the file produced a very strange syntax error result). Thank you for the help!
  9. So how did you solve it mrgray ? I am experiencing the same problem now. I flashed a few times but still getting in to a boot loop. I follow the instructions: 1.setenv bootargs "board=ALFA console=ttyATH0,115200 rootfstype=squashfs,jffs2 noinitrd" 2.saveenv 3.tftp 0x80600000 kernel.bin 4.erase 0x9f650000 +0x190000 5.cp.b 0x80600000 0x9f650000 d695a 6.tftp 0x80600000 rootfs.bin 7.erase 0x9f050000 +0x600000 8.cp.b 0x80600000 0x9f050000 23d004 9.bootm 0x9f650000 After typing in bootm 0x9f650000 the device restarts and goes in to a boot loop. Any Ideas ?
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