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  1. i have the same problem and more problems but who cares ...

    the problem its not in developers (they make good work but i think that need MORE MORE time to SOLVE the problems and then to create new things) or in the people , the problem is to the "company processes" and to the MEANING of the words

    they say THAT the pineapple is a PROJECT , that solve all my problems , a project mean that all these problems are accepted (for me ,i work in project's but never we SELL a project that not work properly)...

    BUT WE , the customers ... WE SEE the pineapple as PRODUCT ... and we want when we give THE money to take something THAT WORK and make all that in site says without SPEND many many hours to try to find what is going wrong (not to fix that is an other project for us) ... ok until now ? i hope yes

    BUT yeap always that BUT destroy the "dream"

    if it is a PROJECT that mean you STOP one and CREATE new (mark IV , mark V ... mark XXXXIIIIIXXX) WHY ? for the money? maybe ... BUT with that way you saw to us that you WORK A PROJECT LIKE A PRODUCT !!! and that is a PROBLEM guys ... huge problem

    at the end you have STILL some stupid romantic people that they thought can buy a WORKING thing , you have give to other guys HUGE problems to solve with hundred lost hours BUT with the good side that they learn "something" ...

    so i wish you to LEARN WHAT YOU SELL to the people .. and please someone to tell me where in SHOP write that is a PROJECT and not a product ...

    my opinion ? PLEASE guys write that you DONT know if the product WORK , write that IF you want to use all apps YOU NEED a usb disk AND THAT MEAN need ENERGY and and and ... and please STOP to spell all the time "negative" why we cant be negative ? we spend a lot of money and we take a stupid box that cant work if you not rewrite a part of code .. what is that ? positive ??? ok i am positive negativ-isious !!! ok ?

    good luck with your new PROduct oppss sorry .. proJECT ....

    a very very very disappointment customer

  2. A couple words of wisdom for OP and crepsidio from a regular guy:

    - This is a project, not a commercial venture, and it's a project that some people hold very dear. Nobody at Hak5 intended to defraud anyone or sell a bad product, or even make a profit (in the commercial sense) for that matter. Darren and crew have done a fine job of trying to provide hardware to the masses for this project, with the intent of helping to fund other awesome projects that have or are coming down the pike. Nobody's at the HakShop is sending their kid to college on what they're making over there.

    - We are fortunate enough to have some amazing talent in this community who devote their skills, time, and energy into sharing and collaborating on this project. You too can be a part of the community, which is really what this is all about anyhow.

    - This isn't a polished, finished product by any means. It's an evolving project, and I believe the Mark V has already begun to emerge in the "back room" where the core Einsteins collaborate on these things.

    So, I get that you may not have understood some of those items, but seriously, the snarky comments and negative energy about being "abandoned" and how the documentation isn't clear enough for you are just bad juju. Many of us have seen Darren himself get involved with many of the few snafu's (SanDisk drive, a failed mobo, etc) and takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously, waaaay beyond what I would expect anyone to do. Seriously, the guy posted his damned CELL number at one point. Incredible and a heart of gold.

    I'm sure if you are unhappy, Darren would move heaven and Earth to make sure you were a happy camper in the end. Maybe write him directly ?

    As far as "problems" go, and "complete" instructions, etc, again, this isn't an "on the shelf" Wal-mart product. It's a community project that we're all fortunate enough to be a part of and to benefit from. Instead of complaining, take some initiative and search the forums for an answer. if you can't find the answer, there are an enormous number of very smart, kind, and helpful people here who would be more than happy to assist.

    If you're really interested in getting things resolved, let's leave the negative somewhere else and just get on with it. Ask your specific question, and people around here are more than happy to help.

    This is Hak5.

    This is Sparta!!!!!!! :)

    thank you for your answer , ok that explain many things .... good work (as i say at the beginning) ... keep walking !!!!


  3. I look after the WiFi Pineapples Wiki, The main job for the wiki is to provide detailed help and how-to's for the WiFi Pineapples System, aswell as its infusions.

    that is true , but i thing that the most infos there are very old and not VERY helpfull ... i download the sslstrip via bar , i must doit again via terminal ? as wiki says ? or the bar is the best way ??? !!!

  4. something else that i just see is the internet speed , when i take internet throw PM4 the download speed is 5-10 time down ...

    the speed when i am conencted to router


    the speed when i am connected to mp4 (wlan1 - internet / wlan0 - share internet)


    is this normal ?

    the pm4 is after reset and nothing run !!!!

    Mem: 22120K used, 7220K free, 0K shrd, 2292K buff, 4576K cached
    CPU: 0% usr 0% sys 0% nic 99% idle 0% io 0% irq 0% sirq
    Load average: 0.07 0.03 0.05 1/53 2831
    2081 1 root S 1408 5% 0% hostapd -P /var/run/wifi-phy0.pid -B
    2831 2826 root R 1500 5% 0% top
    2818 1813 root S 1220 4% 0% /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/dropbe
    1776 1 root S 1512 5% 0% /usr/sbin/crond -c /etc/crontabs -l 5
    687 1 root S 1508 5% 0% /sbin/syslogd -C16
    2267 1 root S 1508 5% 0% udhcpc -R -n -i wlan1
    1 0 root S 1504 5% 0% init
    2826 2818 root S 1504 5% 0% -ash
    511 1 root S 1504 5% 0% init
    1015 788 root S 1500 5% 0% udhcpc -p /var/run/udhcpc-eth1.pid -s
    2280 1 root S 1500 5% 0% /usr/sbin/ntpd -n -p 0.openwrt.pool.n
    1582 1 root S 1500 5% 0% /sbin/watchdog -t 5 /dev/watchdog
    689 1 root S 1488 5% 0% /sbin/klogd
    788 1 root S 1456 5% 0% /sbin/netifd
    2218 1 root S 1408 5% 0% wpa_supplicant -B -P /var/run/wifi-wl
    1837 1 root S 1160 4% 0% /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /pineapple -r
    1813 1 root S 1152 4% 0% /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/dropbe
    1831 1 root S 1132 4% 0% /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r Pineap
    1872 1 nobody S 944 3% 0% /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -C /var/etc/dnsmasq
    697 1 root S 872 3% 0% /sbin/ubusd

  5. i dont and i cant know if they "abandoned" or not , i think and i hope that they have alot job to do , maybe are just 2-3 people that make all the job .. i dont know , but i am sure that they need to be organized and to put the things in priorities

    as example is the above "my problems" ... i cant found "real" help , and the help in forum maybe are very good but i cant wait "days" to learn if something is wrong or right, specially when I DONT know what the PM4 do , or what "some" apps do , or how these apps work ... ok many questions i dont want answer , just i want to show that you must give attention to INFORMATION about the product that u sell (all these is not a problem if the product was free, i mean that the customer care after i open the box and i put it in power and after sale are ZERO ) ... i think that is just some hours or 2-3 days (even 5 or 10 , i think that is better to give something good to customers , that help the sales and the product, already i have talk with a friend and i say to him to not buy it and that he must wait me to fix all problems before buy) to describes ALL and give at least one example and screen shots , so WHEN i run SOMETHING to know if that is ok or not ... just to know , i am not ask to solve my problems because MAYBE is my mistake ... but i must KNOW what and how !!

    any way ... i continue to make a tests so one more problem is that

    when i change the MAC address of the wlan0 i lost connection and NEVER come back !!! that happen when i use the ssh to make the change, or the UI in firefox , or i use the -r command in wificonnect-v1.3 and need a power off to connect again !!

    i can understand WHY that happen, but i think is a "bug"

    i am in macbook pro , when i use chrome to run uwui the commands on "pc's clients" not run , in firefox all work perfect ... the problem ??? 3 days i use the chrome and nobody "tell" me or SHOW what must happen WHEN i press PING ... i try in firefox and i FOUND it ... 3 days !!! :(

    when the sslstrip log file grow up , everything are slow ... so i think that the program must check the size and return just the last (tail) 100 or 50 lines and not ALL the file ... my mp4 make restart after refresh in 87MB size of log file !!!

    the wificonnect-v1.3 work PERFECT except the problem with -r !!!

    thank you

    (forgive my english)

  6. My name is John (Yannis) Gates (no is a nick from my greek surname Gatopoulos hihihihi i dont know the bill )

    Favourite game: Pittfall (yeap i am old hihi)
    Favourite OS: CP/M !!!
    Favourite console: Spectrum
    Nationality: Greece
    Sex: Male
    Height: +/- 170cm
    Favourite band: Sex Pistols
    Favourite book: God part of the BRAIN
    Favourite author: Matthew Alper

    Favourite movie: DOA
    Favourite director: Spielberg
    Favourite TV Show: i am not have TV (tv sleep the brain)
    Favourite actor: Matt Damon
    Favourite actress: Meryl Streep
    Favourite Pinup: my girl
    Favourite Comedian: -
    Other hobbies: photographt
    Car: Alfa Romeo Spider
    Occupation: IT Support / Developer / Network DataBase manager /and i trying in network security

  7. Nekrose483 (eisai mipos ellinas?)

    can you describe the configuration of your system and how you use the sslstrip ?( u use karma and sslstrip? or just sslstrip? etc ... ) i install the sslstrip but not working ( i use a linux to ethering internet and the "victim" my android connect to pm4 via wlan0 ... the sslstrip not retrieve username and password just piece's of code html ... )


  8. keylogger ,MITM does not work at all

    ps i make factory reset the pm4 and i start again the tests

    EDIT >

    about the MITM i found the answer here : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28281-mitm/page-5?hl=+update%20+pineapple%20+bar


    "Mitm infusion is currently broken, as new mitmproxy requires dependencies, that yet to be compiled for pineapple."

    i cant understand if is broken why the BAR not stop me to download or not show a message to me , i try over one hour to make to work ... and i learn that is broken ? pffff

  9. I use a USB wifi Dongle to share internet

    the steps here help


    but i break the script in 2 sub-scripts

    >first part


    #Change the Mac address of the usb wifi to something random.
    ifconfig wlan1 down
    -A wlan1
    ifconfig wlan1 up

    #WPA2 - Let's assume we're going to connect to a WPA2 network
    wpa_supplicant -B -D nl80211 -i wlan1 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

    i run that part in terminal1
    >second part
    and the rest script
    #Setup ipforwarding via iptables.
    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    #Reset iptables
    iptables -F
    -A FORWARD -o wlan1 -i br-lan -s -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -jACCEPT
    -A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
    #Wait for 6 seconds to give enough time for association.
    sleep 6
    #Grab an ip via DHCP
    udhcpc -i wlan1
    running in a second terminal , that finish normal ...
    in case that i close the terminal of the 1st script or i press ^C , the share stop and the client loose the internet
  10. hello ,

    i am a new user of Pineapple Mark IV , i take it before 15 days and i try to make to work ...

    my configuration

    P.Mark IV 2.8.1

    Linux notebook (wlan0 connect to wireless adsl router , ethering internet and control PM4 with ssh - eth0-eth1) - i use the wp4.sh

    OSX in macbook as GUI control (connected in wlan0 on PM4)

    android tablet as victim (4.0.1)

    i have a usb 8GB , 2GB as swap 4GB as data

    i have download all infusions , i dont make full upgrade with apt-get because i afraid to not "hurt" the PM4 !!! (if i must doit please confirm that i not have a problem with full upgrade , and how i doit that in usb)

    everything is good until here (the how to about usb is good and must create more like that for all tools-apps)

    about me: i dont have a "huge" experience on linux or "hacking-pentest" tools , i was use the bt5 r3 and kali linux to check the security in my clients and to make a presentation about security ... i am in IT from 1990 (sco unix, cp/m,dos,windows... and linux) , i use these tools with kali linux and before that with bt 5r3 ... and all was perfect , i wanted something to run "automatic" without my present just with a power on or with one command (PM4)

    i choice to buy the PM4 as "easy" way to make my work with the thought to buy a "number" of that boxes for my customers

    the job that you doit is great , many good tools ... but not working all tools or have problems and here begin my problems ( i must look all the time at forum to try find a solution or to check if the app have a problem or conflict's or or or )

    1st. when you buy "something" that must work as say and make the jobs that say , the manual must help you and not be an EMPTY book .. at least make a tutorial or HOW TO ... the reason that i say that is the follow problems

    2nd. i try the karma , work perfect ... but when i try to use a second tool as sslstrip or urlsnarf , then karm work but the tools NOT return - grap- sniff data ... i dont know why , i try everything ... in case that the apps conflict with karma, must take a message or forbidden to run ...

    the karma and tcpdump work perfect

    as stand alone apps the

    keylogger not work to me , not even one site - blog

    sslstrip work but return just code (ok that is right i know) but not even one username or password from ssl site ( i try with the social as fb and gmai / yahoo and some pages that my customers have and a sites that i make) nothing happen , i dont know why

    urlsnarf work perfect as stand alone

    uwi work but the commands on a clients not work (in linux) work for once or twice in osX (i dont know if must open a new window when i run the nmap , or the arp or ... ) how can i LEARN how work something ? and what MUST be the results (as example , when you RUN that you must see a new window with data like THESE in case not happen that you have a problem.... )

    i change my configuration i put an external wifi usb , i use a script to connect to internet via exteranl wifi and i use the internal (wlan0) to connect clients ...

    the only thing that work perfect is the karma as stand alone

    the sslstrip, urlsnarf , tcpdump NOT work as stand alone , i try it with karma but was the same , no results !!! i must make changes in code ? in a "close" box (ok is open source i know, but i dont like to make changes in a system before make it to work as is ) that you buy MUST work all !!!

    something else is that the pm4 make reset after a 30-40mins when i use a sslstrip or tcpdump ... the first time was with the external wifi but when i try it without i had the same problem ( after many checks , i found that the problem was the autorefresh!!! that i had in 10seconds, probably the file was big and the refresh "freeze" the cpu? or take the 100% for too long ?? )

    i dont know , may i make a mistakes , or something ... i just dont know what to do

    i think that you must create so how-to some some cases (with linux or with external wifi , with karm and sslstrip ..or just one or tree ... etc )

    until now , 15days i am not sure WHAT exactly i can do with that box , in theory the system make all these that the site says but in practice .... i think that have many many problem

    as i say i am a NOOBIE (even if i have experience many years in many systems) but if the system is not for noobies you must write somewhere

    i try to make more tests (with a specific project ) and i transfer here in this topic the results/question etc , but i am sure that the first that you must doit is a "how to" about the basic thing that the site say ... (the forum is big , the search not work very well , i try this "apt-get upgrade")

    thank you , i know that you work all the time and your work is excellent but someone must help the people who buy the box and trying to start up

    ps 1

    i dont have something with anyone , or i dont say a bad for anyone or the pm4 , i am sure that is a good project , but i cant found solution in my problems and i write all the above just to help to make the project better

    ps 2

    if other people/users noobies or not have any experience in a problem solved or not, or can help in any of the problems that i describe , i like to read them here ..

    thank you again

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