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  1. Would this be an example scenario? ******************************************************************************************* LigoWave box Ethernet Cable WAP Radio 1 (mounted to tower, points to Radio 2) (4 miles LOS) WAP Radio 2 (mounted at cliff, recieves from tower) Ethernet Cable LigoWave Box Ethernet Cable WAP Radio 3 (mounted on cliff, points to house) (1 mile LOS) WAP Radio 4 (mounted to house) Ethernet Cable Home Router *******************************************************************************************
  2. I live in a deep, off-grid situation and currently use satellite internet. Satellite is inferior. I have access to an ISP's fixed wireless tower 4 miles away, but there is tall terrain between me and them. I need to circumvent the tall terrain. So I would like to put a repeater on a cliff location (1 mile from me) that has line-of-site to me and the also tower. I have a spare solar array to power the gear. This may be the solution for me. A "Ubiquiti NB-5G22 NanoBridge M5" seems like it has potential for me. I'd like to warmly ask two questions... Can anybody please help me with selecting and purchasing equipment to do this? Or can anbyody point me to somebody who can help? Here is my LOS Study if it helps: http://www.brandvandal.com/transfercase/ecovillage-LOS-study.pdf Any help is appreciated.
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