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  1. i don't know what two step verification is or how to check it. but my gateway is txt.att.com and the service is AT&T.. and the phone model is a blackjack.
  2. i didn't know that. but i'm less worried about getting the DNS spoofing to work now that i have SSLstrip working nicely. though, it exits itself sometimes and the infusion doesn't work.. but other than that, it works pretty well. maybe the infusion just needs swap. so i'm going to fix that now... but now, tbh, with sslstrip and tcpdump, the only thing i'd use dnsspoof for is rickrolling everyone.. heh just have to read the tutorial about deauth attacks so i can make everyone join my pineapple :3
  3. ok.. so.. it's already on 3.0.0 and the pineapple bar is already updated. i'll reformat my drive with swap though alright. i'll try that.. but idk what you mean by lease.. do i edit the dchp config?
  4. i've checked and double checked the information i've put into the config.. i've even tested the gateway and it works.. but the smser doesn't. i don't get any text when i click the button
  5. so, i managed to fix the SSL strip problem by installing it manually. that's a releif... but still not sure how to fix the DNSspoof and, new problem.. its running out of room. and i've deleted several infusions (sslstrip and everything is on the usb..) but the main pineapple is running out of room still.. where are some places i can check for stuff to delete? sslstrip is running wonderfully though :3
  6. https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/wiki/mk4sslsripguide here's the guide i found for SSLStrip.. but still, i can't install it from the infusion. and also, i'm a total n00b when it comes to editing scripts. do you mind being more clear on what to edit?
  7. hello. i have two problems.. one, i downloaded the infusions like nmap and sslstrip.. but they aren't installing. i formatted a USB drive to ext4 and it reads the drive.. but it wont install anything from the infusions. two, DNSspoof doesn't seem to work this is my spoof config facebook.com/* facebook.com m.facebook.com pineapplesareyummy.com yes, its on and working when i type in * but it doesn't seem to work otherwise. when i type in facebook.com it DOES NOT go to my spoof site. it goes to the actual facebook.com.. so i a
  8. i found the cache in the tmp folder.. deleteing it did nothing. its still showing that percent
  9. when i click install on an infusion, i'm getting percents like 114.3% and stuff that's over 100% which doesn't make sense. is there a way i can clear out the cache for that.. like just delete everything in the temp folder? rebooting didn't seem to work.. it still shows 114.3%.
  10. when ever i use winSCP it says it doesn't have ftp up.. i tried with ftp protocolls and scp protocolls and nothing worked. i'm trying to load phishing files into it. also, as an off topic question.. how can i find the IP of the pineapple while connected to wired internet.. i connected the pineapple directly to the eathernet port in the wall.. and joined the pineapple's network.. internet works fine but i can't seem to find the pineapple interface.
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