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  1. Actually it is kinda an everyday Distro. It has things like Openoffice, VLC, Disc Burners, Paint programs and lots of other 'non professional' tools.
  2. Meh... doesn't mean you can't use it like one. Neither was BT and I made it work. TY for suggesting it, I'm installing right meow!
  3. Eff it, I'll find out myself :D Thanks again!
  4. Oh cool, any one know if its more compatible running wine (specifically steam)
  5. Cool, I just downloaded the iso. Thanks for the help, guys. Looks like I'll be switching to Kali. B)
  6. Wow, I guess that makes me a complete noob. I've been using BT for about 2 years and never heard of Kali LInux. Is it that much better than BT5r3? Is that why the repos are offline btw? Did BT discontinue support or something? :S
  7. Hello guys. It's my first post here, so sorry if I'm breaking a rule somehow but, I need some help. Every time I try to run apt-get update I get an error message basicly saying that I can't connect to the repos - being timed out every time, not even getting a response. I need someone else to please run apt-get update (in backtrack 5) and tell me if you get any error msgs. Since I made no changes to the sources.list file I do not see how I could have accidently changed my repos list.
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