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  1. Hi all, Here are my first additions to this community (after owning the Duck for two days!) I've created a pull request for the simple duck payload generator by skysploit if you wish to clone my repository and try these in the simple-ducky environment. https://github.com/kidovate/simple-ducky/commit/496786541282825b9c2034f06b7a57469434281d First of all, a new MAC OS X payload based on python (much more reliable!) REM Mac OSX Rev by Christian Stewart (@kidovate) GUI SPACE DELAY 500 STRING terminal DELAY 400 ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING cd ~ ENTER STRING mkdir .maintScripts ENTER STRING cd .mai
  2. Hi all, I just got my Ducky and am excited to get started! One issue, I can't seem to remove the micro USB. I'm looking at the assembly and it looks like you need to push in to release the SD card, but neither this nor simply trying to pull out the card seems to work. How do you remove the SD Card? Thanks!
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