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  1. Ok, so I am attempting to do a very simple DNS spoof on my pineapple MK5. I use Wlan0 to host a access point that I want to use to test the spoof on I use Wlan1 to connect to my local home wifi I activate Wlan2 just because I test the connection through the pineapple to the internet on my iPad I turn on DNS spoof and spoof all traffic to a website; example.com *.* I enter something like 'snow.com' in my iPad expecting to be spoofed to example.com and instead of spoofing it goes right to snow.com Im sure there is something I am doing wrong, what is it? thanks!
  2. RT @UberFacts: Not having friends is just as bad for your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

  3. RT @Zilliamson: Marilyn Monroe had 3 failed marriages, blew the president, and died choking on her own vomit. But go ahead and keep quot…

  4. RT @UberFacts: Sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan. It’s seen as exhaustion from hard work and people even fake it to look committed…

  5. RT @UberFacts: Today, you can get a free coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Starbucks in honor of #NationalCoffeeDay!

  6. Best part about 1/4th mile visibility fog: no speeding tickets this morning

  7. RT @UberFacts: Male dolphins have been known to keep females hostage and not feed them until the female agrees to have sex with them.

  8. RT @TheBucktList: when my parents talk bad about my friends http://t.co/FiLaEWWj2K

  9. Attendance ladies in Salem...you don't seem to understand, first off I'm 18, secondly I pay taxes so you work for me?

  10. Had the prettiest waitress at Red Olive today?

  11. I will never understand why someone would put a Detroit sticker on there car, like are you proud of that chapter 9 bankruptcy swag?

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