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    I have an openVPN server running at home on a Debian based Dockstar (see server config) thats been running for a couple of years and I can connect to it using OpenVPN client software on Windows, Linux or my Android phone. Recently I discovered that its possible to also run a Wifi tether and OpenVPN at the same point on Android which allows devices to connect via wifi over the OpenVPN tunnel back to my LAN without installing any OpenVPN client software (see client config). Down side is that this is still interceptable by Wifi Pineapple MITM near the phone. Unfortunately I couldn't get USB tether and Android OpenVPN to bridge correctly. That would probably be the most secure way. Also I couldnt get my phone to act as a wireless repeater with OpenVPN in the middle. Ideally a device that could connect as a wifi client, via 3g usb, or via ethernet cable and serve OpenVPN tunnel via ethernet, usb or wifi would be great - was wondering if thats something the Wifi Pineapple might be able to do one day? Perhaps have an OpenVPN server and OpenVPN client configurations? Then I'd buy two :) -PG
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