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  1. How do I connect my android device to pineapple to use it as a 3g modem?
  2. Can someone please post step by step guide how to see pineapple web interface via WiFi in android browser? Is it as simple as connecting to pineapple via WiFi and then type IP address in browser?
  3. Thanks a lot. any reason to not use the anker e5 version? Its 50$ on amazon for 15000ma vs 40$ for the 3e at 10000ma
  4. What battery pack works well with the pineapple?
  5. Resurrecting because of need. This is a must have forum plugin please.couldn't find hak5 forums on my droid...
  6. Guys sorry to resurrect old thread but can you instalk Tapatalk plugin pretty please.
  7. Just joined.sorry to resurrect thread but does this forum now support Tapatalk? Thanks
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