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  1. As I all did it in windows, this is the howto guide and what software I used:

    1. I formatted the SD card to EXT4, using 'MiniTool Partition' (free download supports EXT4)


    2. I edited the Fstab file on the pineapple to include the 'sleep 15' ( Location -> ETC/init.d/Fstab)

    I used WinSCP. The modem needs to be disconnected from the pineapple. (else you could get a 'no space error')


    to easily edit it. It should look like this:

    start() {
    . /lib/functions/mount.sh

    sleep 15

    config_load fstab
    -p /var/lock
    lock /var/lock/fstab.lck
    [ -e /tmp/fstab ] || {
    echo '# WARNING: this is an auto generated file, please use uci to set defined filesystems' > /tmp/fstab
    lock -u /var/lock/fstab.lck
    config_foreach do_swapon swap
    config_foreach do_mount mount
    config_foreach do_swapon swap
    # do swap a second time so that swap on filesystems is enabled

    3. Succes!

    Current Disk Usage:

    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted onrootfs                  768.0K    708.0K     60.0K  92% //dev/root                 5.3M      5.3M         0 100% /romtmpfs                    14.3M    108.0K     14.2M   1% /tmptmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev/dev/mtdblock3          768.0K    708.0K     60.0K  92% /overlayoverlayfs:/overlay      768.0K    708.0K     60.0K  92% //dev/sda1                 6.9G     16.0E      6.6G 100% /usb

    Hope this helps other people. Thanks deathdealerXX.

  2. Attached USB devices:

    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 12d1:1506 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E398 LTE/UMTS/GSM Modem/Networkcard

    Config global automount

    option from_fstab 1

    option anon_mount 1

    config global autoswap

    option from_fstab 1

    option anon_swap 0

    config mount

    option target /usb

    option device /dev/sda1

    option fstype ext4

    option options rw,sync

    option enabled 1

    option enabled_fsck 0

    config swap

    option device /dev/sda2

    option enabled 0

  3. Link to AndFTP Pro ; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lysesoft.andftppro&hl=en

    Link to JuiceSSH: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonelli.juicessh&hl=en

    For SSH and SCP you use port 22. The username is Root, the PW is your rootpassword (in my case still pineapplesareyummy)

    After getting the AndFTP pro version, I was able to SCP with it (only in pro) I did a upload of the upgrade bin file for firmware 3.0 to the TMP folder of my pineapple. Which you find here: Upgrade.bin

    Then use JuiceSSH to SSH into your pineapple. If you want to upgrade your firmware use the earlier provided:

    cd /tmp/
    md5sum upgrade-3.0.0.bin
    sysupgrade -n /tmp/upgrade-3.0.0.bin

    MD5 checksum should be : d2bc2ddd83482cd02769e87c2422a47f

    Since I allready did that earlier and since andFTP pro does not have ability to delete files (or I just didnt figure it out as yet)

    I then SSH into pineapple with juiceSSH and to delete the file again. Note You dont need to do that with the firmware upgrade as it deletes the file by itself. I only did that to figure out how to delete a file uploaded by AndFTP pro via SSH.

    cd /tmp/

    rm -f upgrade-3.0.0.bin

    so, you can easily now upgrade you pineapple firmware and connect to it easy and fast using android device only. Enjoy

    Other usefull SSH

    Delete a dirname

    rmdir directoryname

    To delete everything inside a directory

    rm -rf directoryname

    WARNING you can really mess up if you type rm -rf /

  4. Success!

    I ended up analyzing one of the old 3g scripts and used that to fill everything in.

    After windows did a network not working check with no results everything started to work.. (dont know if my settings made a difference) :ph34r:

    The only thing I am wondering as this is a 4g dongle, if i must change protocol and service to get 4g speeds.

    Will test that later but I know for sure this SIM is capped to 3g only although LTE modem. Results:



    Posted from my pineapple on firmware 3.0 using a huawei E392 dongle. :wub:

  5. I have the pineapple working with android tethering but not as yet with my E392 dongle.

    I asume you mean the mobile configuration tab as dont have a 3g tab

    there I can update this:

    I have no clue what to fill in in all of this.. I know I dont need an username and PW and that my APN is internet.

    Help? (BTW the link is broken -> http://wifipineapple,com/modems) ;)

    sorry for being a total noob. I do appreciate your help and I hope my posts help other people later down the line as well.

    Do you mean I cant user the interface and must SSH somewhere and change there?

    I find it strange that the modem initiliazes, like exactly same as my normal router but doesnt go to 3g

    My phone tethered is plug and play.


  6. Wanted to use android only.

    I use juiceSSH app to connect to my pineapple.

    I used md5 hash app to verify checksum.

    To Scp from android I probably need the pro version of andFTP as that supports SCP. I did not have that yet I used winscp from windows for now.

    With andFTP regular I managed to ftp into my pineapple /tmp but could not transfer bin file.

  7. anyone got the huawei e392 working on 3.0?

    modem starts, initilazes, blinks, all looks normal, but no internet through this dongle.

    works fine in my other router.

    i thought 3.0 supported 300 modems out of the box. if this one is not included, please tell me what i must do to get it working? thanks.

  8. So I am playing around trying to update my firmware via an android device.

    I downloaded the 3.0 bin

    I checksum checked it using md5 hash app

    I downloaded AndFTP

    Now I am stuck as never ssh or scp into my device

    Can anyone tell me what I fill in Andftp and how to continue? Want to make this a wiki artikel eventually to solely use android.

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