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  1. fernandoblazin


    Thanks Just a User that's similar to what i was trying to get at Seb, and i know about the fixes and work around's and the community input has been awesome. I been using the pineapple for a while now and notice the modules seems to be a people often criticize it on.
  2. fernandoblazin


    Ok lets see if we understand each other question are are modules created by users and then submitted to hak5 for approval before it can be added to repository. i apologise if misunderstand how the process works
  3. fernandoblazin


    Hi Seb And Darren What is the chances in the next iteration of the Pineapple the modules are created and supported by Hak5 with optional column with user created modules
  4. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    Some would say a pentest lab of sorts
  5. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    Bloody South Africans eating that Bunny Chow and biltong. Alot of them don't realise how precious data is, therefore security isn't even a thought, but there are gems all around the world, like i live about 400 metres from a railway station that offers passengers wifi and just for starters all clients can see each other and is reach my from flat with the tetra.
  6. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    yeah you guys got the General Data Protection Regulation for privacy, but im sure the five eyes still have a peek whats going on in the IT world of the EU cause they don't disclosed or publicly comment on anything
  7. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    I take it you in the Republic
  8. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    including my favorite NewZealand and Australia
  9. fernandoblazin

    Encryption backdoor?

    No way should they have access as easy as a google search
  10. fernandoblazin

    Convince me why I should buy the TETRA

    the is whatever you want it to be to you If you want a toyota corolla you buy you one, if you want lamborghini for performance then buy one if it wasnt for the pineapple 4th generation to play around with i probably would have gotten that gain in knowledge at the time and i only got one because of the price point which im sure there other dudes that will be in the same small budgets yes there are better specs and im sure the Hak5 Team takes the ieads offered in conderation but will probably push the price up to a place which maybe out of reach for some dudes on these forums who just getting into pentesting as for for you ol powerful lamborghini driver this might be more your speed the Pwn Pro (https://store.pwnieexpress.com/product/pwn-pro/)
  11. fernandoblazin

    Convince me why I should buy the TETRA

    Do you mean on the "go" like portability hooked up to a battery pack
  12. fernandoblazin

    Free wifi

    If you in my area i have free wifi at my place
  13. Would putting it in a plastic enclosure help and fitting a fan at the base of the enclosure blowing outwards for to help with heat dissipation or if have an old router laying around you willing to test the corrosion block stuff have it run out there for a while and see how it goes with that.
  14. Read an article today about Microsoft's plans to aquire Github I dont know what to think about that as I use their service as well but not a fan of the former. what you guys think about it?