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  1. Same here. I can access the ui via open ssid once, Tried to reset the WPA2 management iface, on reboot /reconnect the open will not auth nor will the management AP accept the password. Strange. My instinct is that I'm using the wrong wlan interface config, or a power issue, or the fact that I'm using a Mac-MacOS. I have the external wlan adapter as well, and wondering if there issue there on power draw.
  2. Quick question on the Tetra. Set-up stand-alone on with a Management AP running, but trying to start the PinAP fails, On i-face scan only shows wlan1 and warns that using wlan1 interferes w/the PineAP. The new book recommends adding an external card (have one now), but should I disable the management AP SSID? (must be on Wlan1. (or I'm using Wlan1 for an upstream connection). Sorry, it's early and I'm still waking up. Edit: Basically, the end goal = set up to manage using management by wirelessly logging in, but what would be the most ideal way to assign. An Ethernet cord into a router or switch displays no upstream that I can see. I would think wlan2 (the add-on card) for management, wlan0 - for an upstream net share, and wlan1 for an AP?
  3. Thanks, Looks good. Tetra came in but no quick set-up, so this works as a great reminder/refresher since I'm used to the MIV & V. Even more psyched about the book!. My luck, I ended up hosing myself. Ordered a Ducky on the "Mrrobot" sale, but didn't think it applied to the Tetra/Nano. So ordered the Tetra Tactical, but was after the sale. It arrives in the mail, the exact same day the "freebook" sale e-mail came. So, I ordered the book anyway. My message on shipping = Owe me a beer at Shmoocon. :-) Seriously though, the Tetra is impressive. Love the new UI, the power & range. Looking forward to the book & future evolutions.
  4. Not sure. Strange. I use Firefox as my primary log in for the web ui. Since the firmware upgrade, I haven't experienced any more glitchy-ness. Maybe using Firefox was causing me the "headaches". So far, it's running fine for me on Mozilla. Post edit: Just set it up on Kali and seems to be running alright on Iceweasel. It didn't recognize the sd (not a class 10 though) card infusions stored on it, until I rebooted it. Tried the new Experimental reformat and it still retained orphaned infusions.
  5. Thanks, 1.3.0 seems to have solved a bit of a bug with Karma I'd been experiencing. Very smooth flash. @SixKids "The only thing that displays is the system status message:" ‚ÄčI experienced this too, briefly. and logged out logged back in refreshed two times and it now loads, but I'm using Firefox. Other browsers were buggy for me, as well.
  6. Thanks, it worked out. Somewhat. The 1st sd was corrupted. After formatting in BT5, it was recognized in the Web UI to store infusions. But when downloading to the sd, it freezes. Grabbed a second card from my rubber ducky stash and it does the same. When I reboot the pineapple, it shows the infusions installed to sd. Strange. It might be that I'm using plain micro sd's, so I'll try a class 10 HC and see if it resolves. Things overall a bit buggy. Karma won't enable. Factory reset completes, but still Karma issues. That's an entirely different problem. I've got to get to the root of this. Pun not intended. Happy accident :-) Regards, Ty
  7. Tried a USB 4GB and partitioning it in EXT4, mkswap command won't execute (just freezes), but "sandisk is shown", never shows option "store to USB" like the MKIV, so it makes sense that USB shouldn't be used. But.. I formatted an 8GB mSD (through the "resources" in the Pineapple UI) and it it won't recognize to storage either. Do I need to do the same here as I did with the USB in the MKIV? Has to be some step I'm missing..
  8. I've a problem with my ducky. Or probably me. Using simple ducky 1.1.1 on Kali, I'm trying to deploy the simple wallpaper prank on a non uac windows 7 system. Trying to figure out how to convert the payload.txt to inject.bin under the options. Using the java -jar commands on my W7 laptop, it won't recognize duckencode or duckencoder files. When I plugged in the ducky for the first time, nothing happened, then it typed "Quack" etc in the run field. Now it just goes to switch user field. Is there a way to import the Wallpaper prank text using simple-ducky on Kali?Would really appreciate any advice with this. Thanks.
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