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  1. I still love this infusion, such a great way of showing off DNSSpoof. Has anyone tried any Javascript tweaks to get the audio to play on mobile? Right now I get redirects to the gif page just fine (which is annoying) but there's no audio on mobile (which would be more annoying ). I might take a look at the PHP and see if I can figure it out, would you want that code if I implemented it?
  2. I was at the mall and just decided that I would try another adapter from Best Buy, lo and behold, the Dynex 4Port USB Hub they sold actually worked! No backfeed, boots with it connected, and all the devices work happily with the Pineapple! Now I just have to get around to finding a power pack and making sure it has a barrel adapter that works with this. Here's the link if anyone is interested, it was $16 for a generic Best Buy hub: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/4-Port+USB+2.0+Hub/2120061.p?id=1218314968492&skuId=2120061&st=usb%20hub&cp=1&lp=3
  3. Can you link the D-Link hub that you're using? I've also been looking at that Newtrent battery pack, haven't picked anything yet though.
  4. Last update: I tried soldering the unit back to the original state, it now works exactly as it did with the red lead disconnected, lsusb output the devices I had connected, but I was unable to use them. I guess I'll just have to look around for a different kind of hub. What a waste of $6.
  5. So, I tried unsoldering the black wire that goes back to the Pineapple with some weird results. lsusb shows the hub is there, but none of the devices show up. The other weird thing is that I could now boot the Pineapple while the hub was attached. This leads me to believe that I am working backwards instead of forwards. Maybe we just need to regulate the power somehow to make sure the feed isn't going back to the Pineapple, but the Pineapple can still send power back to the hub. Does that make any sense? I'm new to electronics in general as far as wiring goes. Short of some kind of solution, I'm going to try soldering the wires back on and checking to see if everything actually works (I just realized that I never did this when I first got the hub). I know its back feeding power, which could harm the device, so I guess I'll just have to watch my amperage. Maybe I'll have to get a low amperage battery pack (bummer, I was looking at a beefy one). If my research is correct, the one the HakShop was bundling with the Pro pack was 0.6 amps.
  6. Should I unsolder the black wire that goes back to the Pineapple as well? I thought that it was a ground. Other posts mention some kind of post from Daren, I'm going to keep searching for it.
  7. I'm getting essentially the same issue in firmware 2.8 on the Mark IV. Pineapple won't finish booting with the hub plugged in, and doesn't really seem to operate correctly with it plugged in after booting. It's not mounting my USB drive (even though it does when plugged in normally) and when I issue iwconfig it shows my wlan1 as having a txpower of 0 dBm. Very weird stuff. lsusb shows that both the devices are plugged in, but I think this has something to do with the hub not regulating input power. I had the same back feed issue over USB, but instead of cutting the red wire (not very reversible) I unsoldered it. I taped the red lead that was going to the Pineapple and was plugging into a Samsung wall charger (I don't have a battery pack yet) which is 5v 1A. When I did this, the Pineapple didn't detect my Alfa, so I tried plugging the hub (still plugged into the wall adapter) into my Windows box and it blue screened almost instantly. When I plugged both cables from the hub into USB 2.0 ports on my Windows box, the hub worked as expected, I could use the Alfa and see the USB disk. Same thing for my USB 3.0 ports. I now have it powered via my Windows box (red cable) on a USB 2.0 port and plugged into my Pineapple. As I said before, USB isn't mounting, Alfa shows up but with 0 txpower. I'm starting to wish I would have read up on this thing before buying it. Does anyone have this thing working?
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