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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience as me. Reset 3.0.0, setup usb for 1.5gb swap 6gb storage, install new pineapple bar, install WM's 1.1 sslstrip and urlsnarf to usb, install wifi manager to internal. run sslstrip and urlsnarf. pineapple slows to a crawl, freezes up, and crashes. //edit: similarly, running karma and sslstrip at the same time will cause the same effect. this effect also seems to be triggered by opening any tile while the infusions are running (but it could be a coincidence as my testing isn't perfectly scientific) //edit: if you would like me to help test things I would be more than willing to, as of right now it seems like 3.0.0 is more or less not usable //edit: another test: with urlsnarf, karma, and wifi manager being the only installed injections it appeared I was able to start and run them without errors. Then after installing and running sslstrip in addition to urlsnarf and karma it appeared to work but I was unable to pull up webpages on my "victim". I then attempted to open the urlsnarf tile and the pineapple crashed. All my testing has been using wall power for both the pineapple and the hub, every test has been on a clean reset of 3.0.0 and the usb has been wiped between each test as well. //more testing: It appears the problem is within sslstrip, simply running sslstrip by itself and navigating to a website on my "victim" will kill the pineapple, the injection does appear to function -before it kills the pineapple- as the page began to load regular http. I am going to do another test to confirm this. //a bunch more testing: it appears that either there is something wrong with my pineapple or 3.0.0 I have been able to get it to work by installing no more than 3 infusions (with ~450 internal space remaining). it seems like the pineapple is just overloaded by simple tasks. ssl strip while using jammer on a different interface, thats a crash. sslstrip while running karma, thats potentially a crash.. Assuming that my pineapple is in fact okay I believe that 3.0.0 is just completely not ready for actual use. I could definitely be doing something wrong but hopefully my testing and this thread can help someone who knows more than me.
  2. Fresh reset of 3.0.0, updated pineapple bar. installing through pineapple bar does not give tile nor does it seem to use space. everything seems to go through and the md5 check appears to happen but when its over... nothing. this is the same for installing to usb. //edit: also the option to install the infusion remains available in the pineapple bar and the pineapple bar also doesn't show anything in the installed infusions list.
  3. Yeah after a reboot it worked. I'm sure this has been reported but the pineapple doesn't consistently recognize my alfa-usb if its plugged into the hub at boot. If I unplug it and plug it back in it gets it though. //edit: also disable ssid broadcast and enable wpa2 will cause the pineapple to be unable to have a wifi connection. Is there a place to report potential bugs?
  4. The update allows me to download to USB (including real USB activity!) but the tile still says "not installed" and when I click install to usb within the tile it now does nothing instead of hanging on "loading" (this is accompanied by no USB activity). Also this breaks installing wifimanager to internal storage.
  5. When I install it from the pineapple bar it gets stuck at 75% for an indefinite amount of time. Or I can install to internal storage in which case the tile appears and tells me sslstrip is not installed and gives me an option to install it which also hangs for an indefinite amount of time.
  6. While considering my choices of defcon swag, checking out sexy (overpriced) shirts / hoodies and lockpick sets that I wasn't sure were allowed in overhead luggage I happened upon the pineapple. I had heard of our friend Jasager before and I decided it would be more enjoyable than a hoody... thus a friendship was born, in my hotel that night (not over wifi) I purchased some accessories for my fruity friend and made myself a little kit of sexyness. Now back in the comforts of my home I begun to configure my router buddy. Setting up usb storage and swap was a sinch and operating it from my nexus 7 (web / ssh) has been a breeze. Unfortunately I have noticed some problems. Firstly I seem to be able to install to USB, although it is an option in the pineapple bar; my little buddy always gets stuck at 75% downloaded. When I do opkg install -dest usb sslstrip over ssh he seems to happily go ahead and install things but I am not rewarded with a sexy tile on the interface. I am able to install things to the internal storage but that doesn't seem to work for sslstrip, nmpa, tcpdump, or anything except wifi manager, jammer, and status. I was really hoping to bring my little buddy on a trip with me next week and test...stuff.... I read on these forums that there are bugfixes, but I know not where to find them. My little guy would sure appreciate any help he can get, thanks!
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