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  1. I own those 2 phones and I guess im lucky (or unlucky) cause they both got pwned by karma (mark V 1.04. Iphone 5s iOs 7.04. Galaxy S4 4.3)
  2. Nope. They are in fact SMA. Search the forum. It has been discussed.
  3. Hi there, I had a similiar problem, I guess. In my case, using wpa2 on my airport extreme, the problem was my AP passphrase. It was 24 characters long and I reduced it to 10. All worked fine after that. Still wonder why...hope that helps
  4. PNY 16gb. It was laying around. No problems so far. Works with 2.8.1 and 3.0.
  5. I guess I didn't make myself clear enough. I can't reproduce your setup right now but my guess is: 1. Your phone is not getting internet through the pineapple. It's going through your 3g. 2. To check if the pineapple is getting internet, just access via ssh using juicessh and check it or just point to the pineapple's UI and check internet connection.
  6. Hi, You are right, it tethers out of the box with android with a ROM that let's you tether. On the other hand, your phone is using your 3G connection to surf the web, not the pineapple's. If you want to access your pineapple with your phone you could connect to it using your phone's wifi.
  7. Well, I have 3 alfas (nh, nhr and nha). The original usb cable that came with the "nha" didnĀ“t work with it so I tried with another one. In my case and due to my location it was easier to try another one rather to return it. What seems weird is that it works in your laptop (assuming you are using the same usb cable). Did you try plugging the alfa directly to the usb port of the Mark IV?
  8. I just plugged it in the same port. Did you try another USB cable? As I said, that was my problem. Everything works well now.
  9. hi, just speaking out loud but I had a similar problem couple of hours ago with your same setup. My problem was the usb cable from the alfa to my usb hub. Hope it helps.
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