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  1. Hak5 Zombie, get anywhere with nodogsplash ?
  2. Fuck Margret Thatcher. NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR.

  3. When I try and start nodogsplash it says the imq module is missing, the one I can not install. Can this be done through the firewall ?
  4. I am not sure, when i turn DNS spoof on and then try navigate to say www.google.com then it will still try and go to googles ip, as it is in the cache. I will try upgrading the firmware to 3.0. EDIT: Updated Firmware to 3.0 Turned DNS spoof on for : *.*.* Connect with other laptop, connect to pineapple wifi, enter 'test.test.test' , takes me to google. In fact nothing is directed at all. Trying to install nodogsplash. ssh root@pineapple opkg update opkg install nodogsplash ... ... ndsctl status ndsctl: nodogsplash probably not started (Error: No such file or directory) Also tried using IPtables to forward all outgoing traffic on port 80 to , here is the command I have used: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination Nothing worked. Really starting to annoy me as this seems like it should be a relatively easy task.
  5. Hello, I have been trying to set the WiFi pineapple up so that it directs all users towards a site, it will not be connected to the internet at all and this site is hosted internally. DNS spoof doesn't seem very efficient at directing all traffic unless the user clears their browser cache. I was also going to install nodogsplash to direct all users towards the correct internal IP. This failed to install, on starting it asks for the imq module that is not available . ndsctl status says a file is missing. Can i forward all incoming traffic on port 80 towards a single internal IP using the routing table ? Please help :)
  6. Fuck Margret Thatcher. NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR.

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