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  1. No hostility, good natured fun here! I have enabledseperatly SSLSTRIP and DNSSPOOF - none of them work! Oh, by the way, I use the V3 FW on my mark IV. Uri
  2. Hello, The weirdest thing I've seen on the Pineapple: My pineapple is draing it's internet from a 3G doungle (Alcatel X230M). I can surf the web while using the pineapple as an access point The Pineapple "Features" do NOTHING. There is no phishing, sslstrip doesn't even blink My question to you is: WTF? Why is the data flowing freely? Uri
  3. Hi First - I am trying to share the internet from eth1(WAN port) or the 3G modem, NOT to do ICS from my control machine on eth0(PoE) Second - on the first iptables command, i already get an error : multiple -s flags not allowed My setup: Pineapple iV 2.8.1 USB connected to a hub, with sandisk 16GB and Alcatel 320 3G modem PoE lan connected to a PoE adapter for power, then to a USB/LAN adapter on my windows control computer WAN/LAN port connected via ADSL to the internet, no firewall or nothing yelp? vlsiman
  4. Oh yes i did! the problem is that the pineapple does NOT work as an Access Point when NOT spoofing, either to the 3g or to the WAN. when spoofing - it will ONLY let the clients see my spoofes sites when * is in the DNS Spoof Config - and NOT the real internet in any case. I guess i need to set something in the 3g.sh or the /etc/config/network - but I dont know what vlsiman
  5. Hi [DNS Spoof Config] example.com I thoutht that it means that the example.com will be spoofed, the rest wont, isnt that the idea? I also tried [DNS spoof config] second try facebook.com blogger.com which does not seem to do anything, unless I ad at the end " *" in which case spoof works again
  6. Hello wise people (and Darren) I am working on my pineapples and am trying to acomplish a weired task: I want my fishes (aka users) to be able to access the regular internet (from 3G or LAN) on all pages NOT marked for phishing. This is ofcourse to enhance sslstrip, keylogger etc. I have updated the unit to 2.8.1 When dns spoof is on - you can access example.com - but not cnn.com if i use the networkmanager infusion to connect (ICS) eth1 to WLAN0 - i get internet - but no phishing. Ideas? Many thanks vlsiman
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