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  1. I have connected my pineapple to an Alfa/external WLAN device. I'm trying to get it to associate with an AP via the command line, and I'm seeing a variety of config updates and changes to the system and other wildly unhelpful commands from posts 2-3 years ago, thus cementing my opinion that Linux is at once the most useful yet totally unhelpful operating system on earth, next to perhaps HP3000. I take that back. HP3000 is actually somewhat helpful. Anyways, I've tried multiple wpa_supplicant commands without luck, reviewed a couple incomplete configs of /etc/config/wireless and found multiple
  2. MDSec has a good checklist in collaboration with the Web Application Hackers Handbook (IMHO, one the best resources for app pen testing out there). It's located here: http://mdsec.net/wahh/tasks.html Nice and condensed, and pretty much uniform with most pentest strategies.
  3. This is Tim Hunkin, and these are a few of his wonderful machines. This guy needs to win some sort of award..
  4. Awesome, thanks much for the assist! I'm wondering if theres the legal loophole with scanners where you can play cellular conversations, it's just illegal to *listen* to it.
  5. Hi, New owner of the Pineapple, and I have a couple questions, and was hoping someone could help me out: I noticed that http://wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh is missing. Earlier posts indicated that it was gone due to a DNS update, but I'm still unable to find it. Is this a similar issue, or has it moved. It took me a couple searches to determine the address listed in the book had been switched to 1471, so I'm unsure if it has moved recently. Also, I noticed a couple tutorials for the core products but I was wondering if there were some for the pineapple bar modules - my sear
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