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  1. Basically what I am trying to accomplish is if your phone connects to my pineapple, I want to be able to view all of your favorite Wi-Fi hotspots. Supposedly there's a tool that does this using just an IP (which is easily obtained with the pineapple) but I am unaware of the tool.
  2. Would there be any simple way to be able to do a network scan or a wifi scan of somebodys phone? For example I am trying to access clients favorite hot spots by using the pineapple. Its for a demo for work and the clients are already connected to the Wi-Fi. I know it gives you the most recent access point but is it possible to view favorite or most accessed wifi spots.
  3. Hello everybody I am completely new to this whole hacking thing. I recently just purchased the pineapple mark IV and just wanted a few simple tasks that I could be able to perform using the device. Phishing, scanning networks, etc. I tried phishing yesterday on windows 7 but when I tried dumping the php files in winscp there was "no enough memory on the device". I plan on installing Linux Ubuntu very shortly so if you guys could point me to some easy "hacks" I could perform that would seriously be great. I'm an intern and my boss asked me to do this so I'm just trying to impress him with some
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