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  1. A tincture of time...digidoc's Rx Problem solved...or at least an admission that I never had a problem to begin with...opkg is working...just no Kismet support for the mark IV...I did install it the old school way, but it turns out the aircrack-ng suite was a better solution (and much lighter), I just forgot its in the opkg...duh...love that aircrack baby as if it were my own... So...solved...
  2. Dusted off my old MK IV....I want to install Kismet for a specialized purpose...opkg is not updating nor am I able to install kismet through opkg...Does anyone know a fix for this? I am guessing its something in the opkg.conf file or the support is gone... In any case, if the I cant update and install via opkg, should I just attempt a manual download/build of kismet? Thanks DigiDoc
  3. The Joy of Hacking Personally, I am relieved the phishing pages were not ready made. Seb...it absolutely did not take 10min for me to construct my first page, it took much longer. That, however, was my first page. I found it necessary to put in some seat time and learn php, html, css, javascript and so forth. So what Seb says is on the money, once you learn how the integration works, its pretty much find, fix and forget..which is boring as hell. As with everything, the pain of learning is the reward and there are no shortcuts for that. It isn't worth it guys...if you are not finding joy in the learning process, then there is an open wire within your hacker ethos. This is a craft. Letting others do the seat time will rob you of the fun. When you invest your time and mind you get the whole experience. That is the point of living outside the box. The pointers are great, but the handouts are theft of joy. It would be so much better to see posts akin to say "What is the difference between an inline CSS style file reference for a HTML table within a form and a standard file reference within an html tag?" That is someone who is trying to learn. That is also someone who is having all the fun. And one other thing...if I were a black-hat...I would very much want to know everything about what my gear is doing...all the way down to every line of code if possible. For obvious reasons.
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