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  1. +1 for Learn Python The Hard Way
  2. I work with MANY VPN companies on a daily basis so hopefully I can help. Sadly most of the companies we work with have some sort or US presence but here are some I would recommend in no order... StrongVPN PureVPN Private Internet Access My Expat Network SurfBouncer Astrill ((start here)
  3. roobixx

    Air Gap flaw

    "At best, an air gap is a high-latency connection" -Ed Skoudis - DerbyCon 3.0
  4. Brendan O'Connor created a solution in ruby that you might want to check out. You can provide your creds in a file and it will connect for you. add the ruby script into a script to start you ssh session and it should authenticate you and connect. https://github.com/ussjoin/portalsmash
  5. Just my 2 cents.... For my personal testing lab I use a Proxmox server that I set up on a older desktop. By using the turn-key-linux packages available through Proxmox, such as OpenLDAP, Radius, Tomcat, file servers and more, I am to simulate a lot of network setup I have encountered. Granted I have pumped some money into my set up, it works so well for me.
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