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  1. I'm looking to take my Linux + in the fall. But a huge congrats to you!!!! Any tips you have from your experience?
  2. Yeah I miss C&C Red Alert far more than I enjoy this game. It is quite annoying that they try and get you to buy credits, but I dunno free is free lol. I guess I have to learn patience :-) Where are you located on the map? And which Map?
  3. Like digip said it takes time to learn all of these things. I used to set up a list of documents and vids to get through each day so that way I would continuously learn. Keeping up on twitter feeds for projects is a great idea too. Also try taking on a scripting project a little outside your comfort zone. This helps you learn to research and problem solve. Don't be discouraged, even the best minds had to start somewhere!
  4. Haxadecimal


    Cant you do this through OpenVPN? Or is that just to utilize other VPNs?
  5. Personally I have always used Hirens Boot Disk http://www.hirensbootcd.org/ It has really great tools for the IT pro on the go. (didnt mean for that to rhyme) Katana is good too I enjoy the customization.
  6. Have you tried seeing if it shows up in Disk Utility?
  7. I have to admit I have your game and I have been playing it quite often. Its pretty damn enjoyable. (I was a huge fan of playing text RPG back in the day) I remember writing my first questlike game on an Apple II :D I'm still looking for one to play around with lol.
  8. Does anyone here play C&C Tiberium Alliances? I was a huge C&C Red Alert fan back in the day and was looking for a new way to enjoy this franchise. Tiberium Alliances is a free (yes free) online version of the game. There are quite a few glitches, as with anything gamewise on the interwebs, but its decent game play. Anyone here hate this game? Love this game?
  9. Also being a newbie here and having no authority :P (thanks Zephyr for your earlier comment I agree 100%) I just wanted to add that I enjoy building phishing pages myself and I believe that adds to the learning process that is so important in the field of pentesting. I understand why sharing them would be beneficial, helping eachother and making suggestions from experience, etc. Unfortunately too many people troll forums like these looking for easy ways to h@kz0r their friend's facebook page, etc. This is something that we all have experienced throughout forums from the days of totse to now. In the past on forums I could always PM others if we felt like sharing information of this calibur.
  10. For someone who is working on improving their coding skillz this is great to see. :-D
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