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  1. Hey everyone, As I am sure most of you know, ssl-strip is basically useless on any modern browser or operating system since all have been updated to use HSTS. The guys at Sensepost were able to defeat HSTS using a modified version of ssl-strip as part of their MANA Rogue-AP system. https://github.com/sensepost/mana/tree/master/sslstrip-hsts Any chance of this getting implemented on the Pineapple? As of now I am barely picking up any credentials unless people are submitting via unencrypted HTTP posts.
  2. I used a direct ethernet connection instead of an RJ45 USB adapter and Firefox and it worked. :) Thanks guys!
  3. Hey guys, I followed the instructions at the bottom of this page https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing for unbricking the pineapple. I downloaded the stager, set the pineapple to a static IP address of Powered it on and navigated to and made it to the MK5 Recovery Page. I selected the stager.bin and uploaded it, then nothing happens, even after 15-20 minutes, my browser just says "Connecting to". Could someone offer me some advice or help please?
  4. How can I trigger the OPTION key on OSX? I am trying to use keyboard shortcuts to open finder, search for terminal, and then open it. I want to minimize all windows using COMMAND-OPTION-M and then launch finder with COMMAND-F
  5. Hey guys, I would like to go about creating a payload for the Rubber Ducky that pretty much does the same thing as the *RunEXE from SD* payload but on OSX using a .JAR file. How would I do this? The payload for EXE files on windows uses a batch file that waits for the SD card to be mounted but OSX doesn't use batch files? Sorry for my inexperience, I am both a Windows and a Kali user but need this payload for penetration testing on Macs. I think the only alternative would be to open a OSX backdoor and download and run the file in terminal. I would rather not resort to this though because if
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