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  1. Do you guys think that I could repurpose this box that I had already made for my antenna's? (The different size antenna's are from when I was testing). I could pop the chip out of the Alfa case so that it would fit inside. I would be worried about heat in such a tight space, I'm in central Florida right now and it's 88 outside right now. I don't mind building a new box, but I would hate to waste the work.
  2. Thanks for your help barry99705. Not really the solution that I was looking for, but if it works, what the hey. I found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BearExtender-Premium-16-Feet-USB-to-USB-mini-Extension-Cable-Extra-Power-BE16USB-/261890243019?hash=item3cf9dff9cb:g:oD0AAOSwl8NVV31z Do you think that it would be good enough? The reason that I would like a cable as opposed to a USB cable is that I could then roof mount the antenna's for my wifi repeater. Do to health reasons, I'm living full time in a 36' motorhome, traveling around North America trying to find a place where my allergies aren't crazy. The trouble with RV parks is all of the aluminium from the various motorhomes and trailers cause a lot of signal scatter. Being able to roof mount 2 or 3 antennas would help to reduce this problem. BTW, do you think that running a powered USB extension cable through a good quality powered USB hub would help boost the signal even more? Or how about something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Comfast-Power-Amplifier-Adapter-for-USB-Extension-Cable-Wi-Fi-WLAN-Booster-NEW-/161922618871?hash=item25b35715f7:g:x94AAOSwJcZWdSSn I could get two, for both plugs. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone! My son gave me his Mark IV, (I got him a Mark V for his birthday), but he can't find the USB power cable. I tried the Hak5 shop, but they only have complete kits. Does anyone have a link where I can pick one up? Thanks zog
  4. Hi everyone! I have a ALFA AWUS036NHA with the AR9271 chipset and a 13 dBi antenna. I'm trying to run the antenna outside my RV to reduce signal interference. I bought and extension cable on eBay like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271723497124?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT howerver, for some reason, I'm getting a worse signal than when I have the antenna inside! I did some testing and it seems that the signal is not passing through the cable.Can anyone suggest a good extension cable or some kind of small signal booster? Thanks! zog
  5. Hi everyone, Does any one know if the Hack Shop will be offering a larger / higher gain antenna? If not, can anyone recommend a source? Thanks! zog
  6. BTW, you seem to know about the antenna connectors. Where could I go to get more information on them? I.e. you refer to u.fl to rp-sma pigtails, how can I learn to translate this? They seem to be coaxial. thanks zog
  7. I like the realtek 8187l also, (it's the one I was thinking to hack). I can't find the BCM4312 LP-PHY, do you have a part number like a Lenovo FRU or Dell P/N?
  8. The single stream N. I know that it is a fine NIC, but I am building an "Uberbook", so I want to have a slightly better NIC.
  9. I currently have a half mini with an adapter.
  10. yeah, it already has a connector, it was the reason I was thinking of doing the mod to the LCD cover. "there's plenty of half minis and minis that will run at 30dBm/1000mw" Is there a card that you would recommend? I have been lookin at the Intel Ultimate-N 6300, but I would prefer an Atheros chip.
  11. Hi vector, Nice work! I have been thinking of doing the same thing. The Thinkpads come with a WWAN antenna mounted on the side of the LCD lid. I was thinking of modding one of these to hold the antenna then mod my Comfast RTL8187L 980000G external to fit under my SSD.
  12. Hi vector, I would prefer a half but I am not to picky.
  13. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if a fractal antenna placed on the back of the LCD cover would offer better reception than regular internal wifi antenna? Thanks zog
  14. Hi everyone, Doing a rebuild of my Lenovo X61 into a Kali Linux "Uberbook", and I am looking for recomendations for the internal NIC. I have a modified BIOS that will allow me to install any internal NIC that I want. Ccurrently I am running a Atheros Ar5B195 w/ Bluetooth 3.0, however, this card is not a "true" wifi N in that it lacks the connector for the third antenna. Any suggestions? Thanks zog
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