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  1. thanks for your answer, i got it working without a single issue.
  2. i wanted to make surei am doing the right thing before facing ones(problems). what do you mean by:" Duck Programming vanished with usbrubberducky.com"? thanks for your response btw
  3. hi, would you please help me with my question bove? thanks.
  4. hi everyone, first time flashing in here. though it seems like an easy noob friendly guide, i'm still a bit confused about one part. Duck Programming.zip contained a file JRE_Flip_Installer_3.4.2.exe. And you also posted a link for a Flip installer download , which i followed and downloaded a version Flip Installer - since i already have JRE installed. so when you say Install Flip, which file were you referring to, the one from download link, or the one from the zip? would you please clarify this for me. I'm running win 7 ultimate 64. thanks
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