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  1. At some point I should learn to make potato salad...

  2. Excited to dig in! (@ International Smoke in San Francisco, CA) https://t.co/yYex83027f

  3. RT @pivotalcf: PAS for Windows is now GA. Go under the hood for a look at how we built Windows Server containers into @pivotalcf. https://t…

  4. @BShrop Waaaaaaat????

  5. Working through the death pile. We have so much inventory that's not photographed, let alone… https://t.co/hthU2KIFZQ

  6. Anyone have any opinions on @HelloFresh vs @munchery ? We're trying HelloFresh for the next 2 weeks and have had mu… https://t.co/PUb9qPUPYh

  7. @KING_KG @Eyerone @LaRonBishop @HYLAN_ Bruh. I'm dead. He said "make sense wit yo questions. I ain't got time, don'… https://t.co/nmrH2eczND

  8. Anyone notice we keep seeing #BlackPanther trailers where Okoye yells #WakandaForever , but that never actually hap… https://t.co/N3uGQqqnTE

  9. @sct @danhigham Actually looking into get a bigger aging cabinet so I can do 2-4 at a time. 1 ain't cutting it for… https://t.co/a5Jr8ezaT5

  10. This is, IMHO, even scarier. To me, it means that there wasn't (just) an attack on the elections, there was (still… https://t.co/vzYgXoQfXv

  11. @KING_KG I don't have the web design chops to pull it off any more (I don't think) but someone should make… https://t.co/ktcu5fco5N

  12. @JahMekAWail @TheKyleMurray @TheeJonFields @MichaelDTubbs @TedBartlett905 @AdamWeinstein Just in case no one else p… https://t.co/YmS695ZAzt

  13. I'm at Pakwan Indian Restaurant in San Francisco, CA https://t.co/KfoyxYrJVk

  14. Dear #recruiters, I'm happy @pivotal @pivotalcf . Kthxbye. P.S. Who sold you my phone number? I need answers.

  15. Kings and Queens will turn up to #BlackPanther premier in fine clothing and sit on thrones they brought with them.… https://t.co/4wPGXJaktg

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