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  1. Hi Joey,

    I'm not sure Youtube & Facebook require Java to function properly. Make sure you're not confusing Javascript with Java, there is a vast difference.

    Personally, I don't use Java anywhere (I've been involved in investigations where APT threat actors have exploited vulnerabilities in Java, it ain't pretty). In my opinion, disabling Java would only affect people who rely on certain web applications.

    I have Java disabled and I never run into any issues.



  2. To power the card from an external source and connect to your other device you would need a USB Y cable, on one end you have two USBs (Data & Power) the other end connects to the card.

    Off the top of my head I don't know how much the card will draw, I use a 12000mAh battery pack to power the Raspberry Pi & the Alfa card and I get 8hrs+

    While looking for a suitable power pack, all I did was look at reviews for those emergency mobile phone chargers, just make sure you get one that has enough juice to run the card for as long as you need it.

    I will be putting something up on my blog in the next few days along these lines. Keep an eye out for it.



  3. I've worked with a lot of SEO and online marketing people while I've been doing dev work and they all claim different things about how to get people to your blog but the best thing I've always found is to just publish good content.

    If you create new content (don't just recycle old stuff) that people are going to be interested in then people will come. You've been in the industry for long enough that you'll know where your peers hang out, the mailing lists, forums etc, so when you post something new let them know. If they like it they'll come back and tell others.

    The biggest mistake I see is people who create a blog then don't create new entries. Try and write something at least once a month to keep it fresh.

    Thanks dude!

  4. Evening all,

    I am a Security Analyst with a number of years under my belt. I have worked for many organisations in quite a few different industries, namely Defence & Aerospace and Telecommunications.

    During my time working for a Defence & Aerospace company, I was heavily involved in APT investigations, APT group tracking and the field of threat intelligence (OSINT).

    I recently started a blog, Chimera Security and was wondering, what is the best way to get my brand out there and start generating traffic? I am already working on a few projects and will be posting write-ups of those over the next few weeks.

    The content on the blog is pretty slow at the minute but the amount of traffic the blog gets will increase the amount of content I create and get out there!


    - J




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