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  1. I found a typing website and just copied the text it uses and put it into a scrip. Below is the website and script I used. One thing that I found is that the Rubber Ducky types all of the words within 20 seconds and instead of the test ending it keeps running which lowers the WPM from ~2000 to ~450. Thanks. I ran the script on this typing test website: http://www.typingtest.com/test.html?minutes=1&textfile=aesop.txt&getfocus=1&start.x=51&start.y=28 Here is the code that I used for the script: DELAY 300 STRING Aesop was one of the great Greek writers. He is best known for his fables, stories that have a moral. They teach us something about how we should live our lives. Aesop wrote thousands of these stories. Here are a few. ENTER STRING The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ENTER STRING Once upon a time, a Wolf decided to disguise the way he looked. He thought it would help him get food more easily. He put on the skin of a sheep, then he went out with the flock into the pasture. Even the shepherd was fooled by his clever costume. In the evening, the shepherd put him in with the rest of the sheep. He closed the gate and made sure it was secure before he went to bed. In the middle of the night, he came back to the fold to get some meat for the next day. Instead of a sheep, though, he grabbed the Wolf, killing him instantly. ENTER STRING Those who look to harm others will be harmed themselves. ENTER STRING The Bat and the Weasel ENTER STRING A Bat fell on the ground and was caught by a Weasel. It begged the Weasel to spare its life, but the Weasel refused. It told the Bat that birds, by nature, were its enemy. The Bat assured him that it was not a bird, it was a mouse. The Weasel thought a moment, then set it free. A while later, the Bat fell again to the ground, and it was caught by another Weasel. It begged this Weasel not to eat him, either. The Weasel, though, said it did not like mice at all and would eat it. The Bat told the Weasel that it was not a mouse, but a bat. The second Weasel had no good answer, so he let it go. ENTER STRING The Bat knew it is always wise to turn events to your advantage. ENTER STRING The Lion and the Mouse ENTER STRING A sleeping Lion was woken up by a Mouse running over his face. He got up angrily and caught the scared little Mouse. He was about to kill the Mouse, but it said in its squeaky little voice, "If you would only spare my life, I would be sure to repay your kindness." The Lion laughed at such nonsense, but he let him go. A short time later, though, the Lion was caught by some hunters. They bound him by ropes to the ground. The Mouse recognized his roar, and he rushed over and gnawed the rope with his teeth, setting the Lion free. The Mouse said "You laughed at the idea of my ever being able to help you. Now you know that it is possible for even a small little Mouse to help a great big Lion."
  2. I was wondering how fast the Rubber Ducky types. So I ran the Rubber Ducky through a typing test. After writing a script with what is in the typing test I went to the website with the typing test and ran the script. The Rubber Ducky can type faster than 2000 WPM averaging more than 1,500 WPM. This was astounding to me.
  3. I have used the official 30 pin connector on my iPad and a message appears, but if you clear it the script runs. However the iPhone does not want to use the 30 pin connector. Even when I clear the error message on my iPhone I cannot run the script.
  4. The iPhone does not want to work with the connector and both the iPhone and iPad do not like any device that is not a camera and they do not like devices that draw power.
  5. We should have just one section where people can put their payloads so you don't have to look all over for payloads.
  6. This works well for the Restrictions code but with the lock screen you would have to have a long delay between each attempt. If you enter 6 wrong passwords it will disable the iPad for 1 minute and then 5 and so on. Eventually you will be locked out of the iPad for good. But the Ducky will enter passwords in.
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