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  1. i have the m_duck.hex and am tying to use the inject2.bin or even the inject3.bin using Mac OSX and the CAPS Lock for the trigger but nothing is happening. The only thing i get is the inject.bin when i press the button... Is this working for you? and if so can you pls explane your process? I have tyed to press the button too but
  2. ok, this works. I know because i got disconnected from my AP the 1t time i tried it :P But, i can not get it to work with the right interface and having karma up at the same time. I am using the mark4 with firmware 2.8.1. tested it with alfa AWUS036H and with card that comes with the Pineapple. what i do is: start the mark, connect to laptop via cable to get internet, use the network manager to share the connection with karma (this is my default setup have tested and works), connect the wifi card, go to the jammer module, select wlan1 and press start, the interface comes up (i see the led
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