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  1. I'm adding you snubs! My goodreads account is still very basic... still fiddling around with it, to find my way around. my good reads account is: http://www.goodreads.com/OrwellianControl add me !
  2. About 2 hours into the Anonymous book, and I can say, it's pretty good. It reads like part history of 4chan, part history of anonymous and part thriller. While I don't know how much of it is fact and how much of it has been embellished through the author's sources, it is still a fine read. It explains much backstory just in case you're not up on the lingo of boards like 4chan. Definitely recommended.
  3. Take a moment, and chill. We get really wrapped up in our tech don't we? just keep in mind how the material world effects you and your relations with others. At the end of the day it's just items, stuff that can be replaced, even at a cost. You dont' want you kids or wife harboring hatred or resentment against you for being so attached to your stuff. I point you to the movie Ferris Bueller. Cameron held a resentment against his father for loving his prized Ferarri more than life... At the end of the movie, he takes it out on the car and kicks it out of a building sending it plummeting to it's destruction.
  4. Running an exit node, should I encrypt all my drives with something like truecrypt? How strong is their encryption, and even if my stuff were seized, if it were all encrypted, could I be forced to provide the codes to unlock it? What are some good full drive / partition encryption software?
  5. As a tor relay, and exit node operator, I understand the risks, and will still continue to run it. I just hope the information that passes through my wires can help someone out there, and do as much good as possible. I say this because I know for each person it helps in the truly altruistic sense, another 5 helps pass illegal content. What I do agree with though, is that possession of something should not be the same as producing the illegal content. While I would never condone illegal acts and the sick and depraved sexual exploitation of children, I'm not quite sure that one who owns the content should be charged with the same as one who created the content.
  6. The cryptonomicon sounds good, i'll look into it. And who can forget one of the most influential cyberpunk novels, Neuromancer.. That's a slightly skewed angle to view it. While I read non fiction as well, you can get idea's, inspiration and knowledge from fiction as well. Considering most artists are influenced by other artists, you shouldn't just shrug it off. I think i'm going to pick this one up next, once I get my credit for the month: http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=pd_ref=sr_c1_3_t?asin=B0085ESX34 It's about, anonymous, lulzsect, and political hacktivism.
  7. Hey everyone, after seeing a few random book threads about, I figured we could start a definitive one. As a big science fiction fan, and someone who enjoys the lost art of a good novel, I hope this will take off. I don't have much time to read physical books anymore, so while I'm at my hour gym workout, I listen to audio books. ( Audible.com for the much deserved recommendation. ) I find myself gravitating towards science fiction, and non fiction. Books like 1984, Game of Thrones, Science Fiction & Philosophy, Fight Club, Thomas Hobb's Leviathan, The Once and Future King, most H.P Lovecraft, round out my list of favorites. I recently read Kevin Mitnik's "Ghost in the wires". Good stuff, if a bit fantastical at times. So I turn the thread over to you all, what are some of your favorite books, and genres? Favorite hacking books? Hopefully we can swap, and inspire book ideas
  8. Good stuff guys. I hope, like Manning, that nothing ill becomes of Snowden. He's a hero and deserves a medal for this. Digipi, you make it seem like you don't believe that PRISM is real? Care to elaborate? I find this whole mess terribly interesting.. The thing is.. and bear with me here...if we were constantly being hit by terrorist attacks, we would demand our gov't to use technology to do something to protect us. It's hard to have it both ways right? We want protection from those to do us harm.. but yet we want the convience of not being interferred with... It's the same with computer security. We can create very ultra secure systems, but they'd annoy the hell out of people because so little would be able to get done. I feel torn in this issue. I've read 1984, and V for Vendetta.. I understand the fear of the watchful big brother government... but protection is worth something no?
  9. Yea I saw this on Security Now! podcast on twit... crazy stuff... they can't start the car, just go through it's contents
  10. This is the one I"m more familiar with. And Newbi3, how was the Linux+? I'm about to take it this June?
  11. sunny leone = maximum tackage... but yes, lets turn this conversation away from that direction... thanks for the responses! I think I'll start referring to it as tack as well
  12. Thanks! no, I plan on installing apache and running a tiny, local server for my house. just so I can share files, and practice using it, and setting up the .conf file.
  13. Hey guys, another question. What determines the separation of tack options when using bash? For example in a few of the haktips, Darren separates his switches like lsof -i -n -P but in others he groups them together like: aircrack -nG Just examples, but yet, what causes you to be able to group them with just 1 minus sign, or separate them out? Or is it just a preference of the moment? Cheers!
  14. Hey guys. My first question is, is there a hak5 episode where they detail how to setup and use an apache server on your linux machine? If not, do you guys have a good site that explains apache in great detail? Installing and using it from the terminal would be preferred. Thanks.
  15. Hey everyone, new to the forums/boards. Been a linux user for about a year now, and feel as though i've only scratched the minuest surface of the elegant creature that is Linux. So my first question is something less serious, but something that's picqued my curiousity since my first hak5 episode.. Darren and Shannon pronouce the - symbol as tack. Example: ls -al or ls --help. They say 'tack or tack,tack' respectively. I've always pronouced it as dash, but yet others refer to it as 'minus'. What say you all? how do you refer to this very small, but yet vastly important symbol of the command line?
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