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  1. haha, Happy turkey day, and black friday. I'm still stuffed with turkey....
  2. Surprised no one has responded to this. Great link, and good starter information. The null byte blog is pretty cool
  3. *******************************SPOILERS!!****************************** Not sure if I'd say it was the best... it was good. But very repeatitive.. Bunch of space junk swarms them.. run away..swarms them...run away. It looked stunning. A particle effect dream! And some good looking glimpses of Mrs. Bullock ;) And I agree I'm a fan of long takes especially one people's faces in movies. Very touching, I loved the scene where Bullock hallucinates about Clooney giving her advice. I also love when characters find inner mental strength.
  4. I feel this article was a bit sensationalized, dramatic, and definitely geared for people on the outside. An interesting read, but overall a bit over the top.
  5. Thanks guys, I knew there had to be a way around it. Yea I need to get a pineapple.. and digip do you reccommend putty over using the ssh command from the cli? I'm using linux
  6. Hey everyone. I have a problem, but it may be my lack of understanding that is the cause. Ok so I attend a technical school, and needless to say there's a lot of wannabe hackers, pranksters and what not. So from my laptop I'd like to connect to the wireless AP's around campus, but security is a concern of mine. So I'd like to use SSH to create a tunnel to the AP, and back to my house where I have an 'always on' connection. The whereabouts of my location doesn't matter, I'm doing it more just to have a secure connection to the wifi access point, from potential wireshark captures and man in the middle attacks. I expect the vpn tunnel to the wifi access point to be able to protect me from prying eyes. My problem is thus, I want to do an ssh user@hostaddress -D 8080 from the terminal. This says create a secure connection to my user at my home address, and put all traffic through port 8080. But I can't execute this because my school has one of those "Login to use wifi" pages. Where you must supply your credentials that you are a student before any connections can be made. So I'd have to put in my student ID and password, before I can even set up the tunnel to the wifi. This isn't just with my school, it's also at starbucks. You must supply a password to their wifi, unencrypted, before you can set up the vpn to the AP. So the ssh command doesn't work, until you input a valid password, but I don't want ANY of my credentials going out unencrypted. This first initial step may seem trivial, but it's the kind of thing I want to avoid. Is there anyway to set up the vpn to the AP before having to prove my access to the login page?
  7. I think it depends what you're using it for, but yea, Apple is just so over priced, I can't justify it. a simple computer like a dell or HP will work fine. You can get an equally adequate computer to a Mac for atleast 300 -400 less.
  8. ahh, to hear that old dial up tone...makes me feel young. Cop it if you want it. i still have my old 56k modem.
  9. This whole "master key" concept, if it exists, seems like it breaks the fundamental purpose of SSL.
  10. From the podcast I listen to, the speaker made a really good, interesting and useful point. We all know SSL certificates given out by the CA's expire after a certain point. ( 3 years I believe?) Then the site will have to re-up and pay for a renewed signed cert, along with a new pub. and priv. key. So he made the argument that what if the NSA demanded the old expired keys? This would make all back traffic open to decrypting. Any back logged back traffic (we now know they have it) can be decrypted using the old keys that the CA had given out. You guys think this is feasible?
  11. Hey everyone... I'm just stretching my wings a bit and seeing how things work. If I wanted to write a script that had me ssh to my remote computer, how can this be done? If the script runs without me, how can I enter the required password? the same is true for any time of authentication method like scp file transferring... There must be a way via script around this?
  12. The thing is, how do you honestly know what vpn's offer true anonymity? Sure they can say so on their website, but you know if they have have back doors, are secretly logging traffic. Is openvpn any good?
  13. Thanks everyone. :D And no Skipper, definitely not 200-300 questions! but because there are 60, that means each questions is heavily weighted. I'm not sure if each questions is worth the same amount of points, or if some are worth more than others. hexadecimal, because each test uses a randomized set of questions, I can't lead you too much, your exam is going to look different than mine. But i'd say this, make sure you know routing, how the routes are set up, nsswitch.conf file, the resolv.conf file, what everything means there...cron jobs.. etc... not just what they are, but what each and every thing in that file means,
  14. Well the number of questions is public knowledge, but I can't tell you what the questions were. Anyway, there are 60 questions that you have to do in an hour and a half.
  15. I got a 540 on the 2nd part.. not the best score...I studied alot of mysql, and I only had 1 question..same with user management..maybe two questions..
  16. Well I passed, so that's how it went lol. But it was hard... atleast for me... I mean, sweating bullets hard... Even though the book's concepts are easy, the test really grills you about the material.. questions are very detailed things.. not just simple questions like what does useradd -m do? it's like if you did a useradd -m, from what directory will the user's home directory be based off? stuff like that, questiosn that require 2 or more layers of knowledge... You have an hour and a half, and I had time left over, so the time really wasn't *too* much of an issue...
  17. Piggy backing off of newbi3's earlier thread, I just took and passed my linux+ exam! I had taken the earlier lx0 101 earlier in the month, but wanted to finish the 2nd part before school began in the fall. Boy...what a hard exam..I had to fight tooth and nail for this one..It really was a tough exam. Anyone else here Linux+ certed?
  18. must...stop...staring at your...avatar..
  19. you guys are so lucky! I'm way to far out, in NJ, and far too broke! I wanna meet up with you fine gents (and ladies...snubs!)
  20. I hang out in the Professer Messer chats all day... It's one of my favorite resources that helped me pass the A+ and Network+.
  21. Congrats! Add the logo to your signature. I just bought the voucher for the 2nd part of my linux+ exam, so I'll probably be ready to take it in about a week or so. I'll let you know how i do. Was the sec+ multiple choice and fill in's like the linux+ was?
  22. lol, uhh cause it'd be an unlucky season?
  23. Once a drive is mounted, all encryption is bypassed right? It's the mounting of it, that requires the password/key?
  24. I just installed truecrypt on my drive. I haven't had a chance to take an indepth look at it, but it seems very well thought out, and I only hear good things. check out: http://aolradio.podcast.aol.com/sn/SN-133.mp3 This is a podcast I listen to religiously every wednesday. They had a whole episode devoted to analyzing truecrypt. the beginning of the episode is news and general talk.
  25. good stuff... some of it, is a tad bit over my head, I haven't sunk my teeth into crypto that deep, but it brings up a question. Why is AES only 128 bits strong? We use things like GPG, which uses 1024 and 2048 bit keys and higher, so why doesn't AES work with such high keys, and why is it so strong with just 128?
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