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  1. Hi all, I just received my Pineapple and I am trying to get Wi-Fi relay to work through Network Manager. Basically, I can't get wlan1 to associate and get an IP address. Clicking on the [DHCP Request] link results in nothing happening, at least as far as the UI is concerned. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what I am doing wrong. If someone can have a look at my config and help me out, I'd much appreciate it. And if there are any additional files/logs/config I should include, please let me know! Thanks! # Specs Pineapple Mark IV v2.8.1 Network Manager 1.9 Alfa AWUS036NH
  2. Just curious. Why do you say that node would be a bad idea on the Pineapple?
  3. I already know PHP (in addition to a shit ton of other languages) and I think it's garbage. But thanks for the video. It was full of misinformation and betrays a total lack of understanding of the platform, but his ignorance was mildly entertaining nonetheless. Python is fine. Not my first choice but it's definitely serviceable.
  4. Thanks for the reply Foxtrot. So if we can install Python, it seems reasonable to think we could install Node. I'll Google for it, but if you (or anyone else) knows where I can learn how to install and use Python on the Pineapple, please share the links. Cheers
  5. Hi everyone. I just discovered the Pineapple and its capabilities and was intrigued so I bought one now that they are back in stock. I intend to use it as a learning tool for discovering how these attacks work and how to protect myself and my friends from them. I'm also a programmer and like devices I can "hack" and write software for, and it might be a fun weekend project to build some add-ons and release them to the community. The thing is, I am loathe to write PHP. I haven't in years and would prefer to avoid it if possible. I was kinda thinking Node.js might be a lightweight altern
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