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  1. Strangely, with my ipod, it did not work very well. But maybe I used a wrong payload, I should try with a newer one.
  2. windows wallpaper (beware, 2560x1024), linux will come soon
  3. I usually try not to do this, but : +1... mmh... +10000 in fact. I passed CCNA, so as far as I can tell, it's not that easily cheatable. Moreover, cheating for these kind of exam is stupid, not only for you but also for the tons of people who worked hard until morning to manage to pass this f****** exams. If people think we can cheat at CCNA, they won't trust this cert anymore, which, to my mind, a way to lower the value of some people (and not only me).
  4. Hi, I recommend you to set up a VPN, using openVPN (www.openvpn.net). You'll find tons of how-to and doc on the official website. If your school uses a proxy, don't forget to set up your VPN in TCP on port 443 to bypass it and to specify your proxy in the config file. Hope this helps !
  5. Just quoting to remind people that I still need some help, and it gets faster if we are more than one on this subtitle. You don't have to be an expert in french grammar, and there can be someone to correct, if needed.
  6. Guess what? I suggest Paris :D It's not very far from England or Belgium, so it could be a kind of compromise...
  7. If it's only basic resizing/stretching, I should be able to do it with Gimp I don't wanna fire up IrfanView with Wine just for a few wallpapers.
  8. So now, every computer screen is in 16/10 format? :cry: If someone could resize them in 4/3 or 5/4 (for 1280x1024 screens), it would be awesome ! (oh, and before someone ask me to do it myself, I'm totally n00b in Gimp, Phtoshop & co)
  9. mental notes : don't break the home network on saturday, don't forget to borrow employer's webcam, and call the ISP to be sure there won't be problems on Saturday between 7pm and 11pm. Now I'm ready for 2x07. I can't wait.
  10. So real I especially like the parts "who fixes the computer when it breaks?" and "Do you have money to burn?".
  11. especially the sploitcast window :D
  12. 1024x768 was sooo 1997. For this year, I choose 1280x1024. Happy new year everyone :D
  13. I'm glad you did not post CNN's map of France :) Google rocks ;)
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