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  1. G'day all, I have in my possession a shinny new Asus Ultrabook core i5 with a hybrid drive and complete with windows 8. I am a loyal disciple to Apple. And ten minutes on this OS had me convinced that microsoft isn't to concerned about producing a finished product. However, I have also recently experienced Linux Ubuntu. This was a very pleasant surprise. What I'm planning to do is obvious. Trash Win8 and install a Linux distro as a stand alone. This can be done right?(I have to ask that one) However, rather than trying to just kill and slash the Windows platform. Is there a way I can remove it by manipulating bios and uefi? I have been reading up on how I think it could happen. I am new to this hacking thing and look forward to learning a little more. I would like to know more about the intrinsic nature of how a computer works, any help or reading material would be appreciated. Also, can I install a distro straight onto the drive or should I have something like Grub2 or Lilo on there. Is it possible or worth the effort to dual boot with two distros of Linux? Thanks.
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