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  1. Ok I have read OSX instructions and tried to apply doesnt do any thing for me. I installed a virtual machine. Then installed Umbuntu and backtrack to the machine. When I go to put the command lines from the book it says the file does not exist or resolved wifi Pineapple. I dont like the idea of changing settings to the pineapple but I will to try to get it to work. How do I change the setting to the wifi pineapple I see the script for nano net wifi. But where do I put it. If I am suppose to put it in the command lines in Umbuntu. How do I enter it excatly in like the book says without pushing enter am i suppose to push tab or space bar to achieve the same line as the book. Very confused been trying to make this work for a solid week somebody please help poor newbie out.
  2. yes I did read the wiki page. The command lines am I suppose to enter into my command terminal exactly.like the example? Not sure
  3. I have been working on this for a week please somebody help me. I I have Mac OSX. Just recently purchased my wifi pineapple. I have read all the threads. originally googled and found video by hack this that got me to the wifi command center and running, but when I tried to open up internet browser I got nothing. Then I tried another video on Internet Tethering using Umbuntu and back track programs. which by the way when I put in the command lines they came back with error. Got messages like files dont exist. Or when I did get a response it would say been resolved. What does that mean. Now I cant even get it to to anything now I was wondering is it Because of the new Virtual machine I now have on my computer or if something else. Please somebody help poor newbie out.
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