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  1. I have a MK4 on 2.8.1 and when I USB connect my Cyanogen phone, I get an IP on the main control panel, can check for updates, etc. I have JUST recently factory reset the MK4 after a long gap in use that led to me forgetting passwords, etc. When a wireless user connects via karma or directly to the AP, their connection shows up in the log, and they get an IP, but they can't see the Internet. Is there a step I am missing that allows the passthrough? I haven't tried anything because I don't know what to try. A twitter follower (https://twitter.com/W9HAX/status/649056274756304898) suggested IP
  2. Hey, that worked just fine! I needed to carefully make sure my previous testing didn't screw things up, but when I did, magic. Thanks a lot for the fast response!! S
  3. I am not a Linux guy or a network guy. Trying to learn, and clearly missing something. My process so far: Boot MK4 Plug into ethernet of laptop Can see Pineapple control center Clients can connect to MK4 wifi Clients cannot see the internet When the wired connection is enabled, the laptop cannot see the interent If the wired connection is disabled, the laptop can see the internet I have tried to run the script with the wired connection enabled and disabled, as I read elsewhere. I am running the script with sudo From what I understand, clients who connect to the MK4 wireless should b
  4. So I got my Mark IV in the mail yesterday. Hooked up to my Kali instance, and logged into the console with the default password. Immediately changed the password to something with an apostrophe in it. Logged out, couldn't log in. Huh. Maybe I messed it up, right? So I held the reset button down for 10 seconds, got the flash, reset it, and logged in with the default password again. Changed the password again v e r y c a r e f u l l y. Logged out, still couldn't log in. Guess it doesn't like apostrophes. Who knew. But. When I went to reset it again, do dice. Held the button down for two minu
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