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  1. I can also confirm my Lan Turtle 3G only works turtle-3.bin. Is this a known issue for the LT3G?
  2. I purchased a 3g sim card from t-mobile and the lan turtle did not recognize it at all. So unless somebody else has had success with t-mobile sim cards, I wouldn't recommend it. It would be nice if Hak5 published some documentation on this or would at least answer the questions in the forums....
  3. Is hak5 going to put out any recommendations for compatible 3G SIM cards to use? or a list of ones that don't work with the LANTurtle3G? Can you say what you guys used in testing the device?
  4. Looks like power was the issue. Everything is working fine meow. Thanks Seb!
  5. Good point. I had not considered power before. So the NANO is plugged into two of the four usb ports on the pi using the Y cable. the alfa card is also plugged into a 3rd USB port on the pi. I'll try using my pineapple juice battery with the nano and see if that changes anything.
  6. Hello, TL:DR; Running pi3 with alfa card and nano. It seems to be whenever I do anything with my alfa card, the pineapple stops doing whatever it was actively doing before i started using the alfa card. Specifically I run an airodump from the alfa card to see the PineAP SSIDs and none of them are being broadcasted. I have a nano connected to a raspberry pi3 running kali rolling. In order to offload some of the CPU usage of the nano I want to run other passive scanning/attacks from my raspberry pi with an alfa card while also running attacks/passive scanning with the nano. I'd also li
  7. the ethernet interface is up. The pineapple reponds whenever i plug into the WAN port. My OS also detects a connection when I plug into the WAN port. I think its just PoE port is jacked up.
  8. Double checked, I'm running firmware 2.8.0. I tried a different power source and a different Ethernet cable with the same results. when i plug it into the WAN port it lights up instantly which is making me think that the PoE/LAN port may just be jacked up or something...
  9. When i plug an ethernet cord into the PoE LAN port on the pineapple, the LAN light does not light up and my OS does not detect anything. If I plug into the WAN/LAN port, everything works as it should. I tried a hard reset with the little button but nothing seems to work. Is my pineapple broken? HW: Mark IV OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD Eth0 IP: Wless IP: Handed out by Wifi Router Physical Connection: USB powered by laptop and Ethernet from laptop to pineapple
  10. I couldn't help but notice while i was running on a tredmill at my local gym that it has a USB port for storing your workout data and whatnot. Since I just purchased a rubber ducky i got to thinking, "is there some way to use the ducky to pwn this tremill?" Now the tremills arnt on a network or anything so i'm not trying to launch a reverse shell or anything, but could it be possible to maybe put up an image on the screen saying "you got haxed" or something? Has anyone else thought of something this goofy or am i alone on this one? anyone interested in seeing this?
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