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  1. Hello Dear Hak5 friends and family. I currently have a EnGenius ENH700EXT Access Point on my property, mounted in the center of the property up high on top of one of my garages. Signal is so so, I just bought this few weeks ago. It is a dual band, the omni antennas seem basic. Maybe you can recommend better antennas (2.4 and 5ghz) I barely get any coverage, my lot is 5-acres so it is large, and I would like it to cover the whole premises, including the homes. Any suggestions? I can put another one out somewhere, but electricity and ethernet is not as easy. I was thinking of something VERY powerful to just cover that range. I wouldn't want to get more than 2 units, I would like just 1. But so far the antennas on thise ENH700EXT isn't cutting it. Maybe just better antennas. Thanks, K
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