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  1. Well I did find this: http://www.madox.net/blog/2013/01/04/tl-wr703n-example-project-3-wireless-3d-printing-or-2d-printing-or-just-simply-wireless-usb/ so I'm assuming that it could still be a possibility although this goes the other direction than what I want to do. Yes a portable printer might be a more elegant solution but then I would need to setup a printer in my truck with a 3g/4g connection because I don't have direct access to their network unless I do something with the wr703n.
  2. So I just read about this post that popped up on Hack-a-Day recently http://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/blue-for-the-pineapple/ and I posted the following question in the comments section and thought I should also post it here, I also noticed that I wasn't the only one taking notice, props to Darren for noticing and supporting fellow hackers!! I’ve been thinking of an idea for a week or so now that would only be possible if Hak5′s “Rubber Ducky” meets “WiFi Pineapple” and all of a sudden I see this on hack-a-day and I think I might be able to do what I want with this device!! So the idea I have, or what I want to be able to do is connect a usb device (wr703n) to a host computer on a internal company network that has access to the internet and local intranet with the host computer having access to a network printer. Then I would connect my laptop via secured wireless to the device (wr703n) and be able to access the Internet and Intranet from my laptop as if it were the host computer that has all the permissions and privileges to access the internet and especially the local intranet. I’m and independent contractor that deals with industrial automation and controls and I always seem to need to print off a schematic to be able to wright on or take notes on and I always have to leave the plant floor and head back to the company’s office and bug some one to use their computer to look up a schematic and print it off for me. I’ve been using portable putty to establish an ssh socks proxy back to my server so I can get access to some websites that they block and portable winscp to get the files that I need but I still have to use someone computer to do that. So is this idea possible??!!!!! Thanks, TinkerMan
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