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  1. As a check, I verified that the HDMI cables used did not include a similar behavior without the crab. No, the cables do not seem to be causing a signal integrity problem from the swap-out tests.
  2. I installed my screencrab direct between the HDMI on laptop and the monitor (since it miserably failed with the dock). When I got it all operating, I found some lovely raster/artifacts which sort of prevent 'covert' usage. I have a Lenovo P1 and a Samsung 4K 32" monitor. And the candy sparkles are a lovely sign that the crab is in use. I'd rather not see them. Oh, BTW, I had to take a photo to get this as snagit and gyazo seem to ignore what is visible in these pics. https://gyazo.com/c6ecdc5093d71672f26e2a51d1f0fc9f https://gyazo.com/28660bfc06925d54d69e72c482395a71 Oh... BTW: the crab captures fail to include these candy sparkles too. So, they are of no use for this purpose (would that be 2 bugs? The one inserting the noise and one failing to capture it?) OOPS, well I cannot see where I am to upload a pic... I will have to gyazo the photos taken with phone and provide a links (now, if that is not obfuscating nothing will be).
  3. Defense against the Duck arts can be tough!!! Ok - I had to say that - now I will read the post more :)
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