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  1. Software.. it's pedantic shit.

  2. Current status: {error, etoomanytabs}.

  3. RT @RichardDawkins: A good reason to cite the Daily Mail? This has to be a first.http://t.co/RxFpSXjFil

  4. RT @brotchie: I've been working on and off over the past few weeks on http://t.co/odCEvuHJB4. Real-world NBN examples. Finally launched!

  5. Hoping today is the first day I start to feel normal again. Cold still clinging, but beginning to break up.

  6. RT @peschkaj: So, Microsoft, why is it so hard to sign a ClickOnce application?

  7. FsUnit .. what a joy! #fsharp

  8. Partial application, I have missed you!

  9. RT @hemantmehta: Pastor Mark Driscoll: Christians Don’t Need to Care About the Environment because Jesus is Coming Back for Us http://t.co/…

  10. The event-based method of async in .NET (a-la SocketAsyncEventArts) makes it nigh impossible to write clean FP-style code.

  11. RT @PakistanAtheist: Human beings have rights and are entitled to respect. Books and beliefs don't and aren't.http://t.co/8Qi2BYA4V3

  12. So is Terracoin a real thing? Do people use it?

  13. RT @codemiller: The Lambda Ladies story - I have gained a lot of support and encouragement from various tech groups for... http://t.co/RhYr…

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