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  1. Hmm... May be toast then. Is everything ok physically? Nothing obvious like bent contacts or fudge in the connecter? Otherwise I'll have to deffer to someone with more Pineapple specific experience I'm afraid.
  2. Hi, Some simple things to try: Power the Pineapple with 12v DC from a mains adapter Make sure that you have the latest firmware Double check with a different computer and/or Ethernet lead Hope this helps...
  3. Ok then. Has anyone got a 3G modem to work when connected via a USB hub. If so, which modem and hub are you using. Thanks
  4. Really? Has nobody got any ideas? :-( Tried three different hubs and two different 3G Modems. 3G dialup works fine plugged straight into the Pineapple but dialing times out when connected via a hub. Am using mains power adapters for both Pineapple and hub. Thanks Matt
  5. So, if your pineapple has an Internet connection I'm not sure what you're worried about. Try connecting wireless clients and have a little fun. Matt
  6. Ok, so can you ping something on the outside from the Pineapple? Try What happens when you connect a wireless client to the Pineapple?
  7. Have you got this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/dr6sedfteu8atwq/hak5-mk4-book1e.pdf Matt
  8. Sounds like it's power cycling. You could try powering with a wall wort or with PoE. Matt
  9. Re-Flashed to 2.8.0. No change. Any more ideas? Ta Matt
  10. Thanks Rakim - I'll give that a try... Ta Matt
  11. Hi, Got lovely new MkIV Pinaapple. It's yummy :-) 3g working fine with two different USB modems Huawei E353 and Vodafone (Huawei) K3565. All very happy. I'd like to add some more storage. So I've got one of the little powered USB Hubs and a Cruzer 4Gb from The HakShop (Thanks). But... No matter what I try, I can't get either of the modems to dial successfully when connected via the hub. Even without the Cruzer connected. There's no shortage of power (2.1A to the Hub and 1.2A to the Pinapple). Pineapple sees the modem, loads drivers etc. but dialing fails with a timeout! I've also tried a pasive 2 Port Hub with the modem powered seperetely via a "bodge lead" that I whipped up. Exactly the same result :-( Am I missing something? Much googling and hair pulling but still no joy. Any pointers would be very much apreciated. Ta
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