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  1. ifconfig wlan0 down iw reg set US iwconfig wlan0 txpower 27 Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) : SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument. BTW I have tried this whole process with another Alfa adapter (Alfa NHA) I have tried just setting the TX power to 21 I have used sudo infront of these I have set the country code to BO and BZ I have done "ifconfig wlan0 up" after iw reg set "US/BO/BZ" I have also tried a large mixture of combinations of everything I just mentioned above.
  2. Yep, :/ I know but whatever haha if they don't know how to fix it no one will.
  3. root@BitCubeTV:~# hwinfo --usb 03: USB 00.0: 10a00 Hub [Created at usb.122] UDI: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_1d6b_1_0000_00_1a_0_if0 Unique ID: uIhY.MxUuepIFPaE SysFS ID: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb3/3-0:1.0 SysFS BusID: 3-0:1.0 Hardware Class: hub Model: "Linux 3.7-trunk-686-pae uhci_hcd UHCI Host Controller" Hotplug: USB Vendor: usb 0x1d6b "Linux 3.7-trunk-686-pae uhci_hcd" Device: usb 0x0001 "UHCI Host Controller" Revision: "3.07" Serial ID: "0000:00:1a.0" Driver: "hub" Driver Modules: "
  4. When you said "this" do you mean the forums? If so I already have... Nothing
  5. So there has to be a difference between mine and yours? Right? How can I get it to work?
  6. So they give you a USB that won't work from a USB powered plug? :/
  7. Pineapple Hardware Version: Mark IV Pineapple Software Version: 2.8.0 OS used to connect to the pineapple: Macintosh/Linux Network layout of how your setup is connected: Ethernet from WAN/LAN to computer All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: Ping results from computer to pineapple: N/A Is the problem repeatable: Yes Steps taken which created the problem: Out of box Error Messages: N/A Log file information: Sometimes when I goto "cd /dev" and then "ls" instead of seeing sda1 and sda2, I see something like sda and sg0, and sometimes the USB won
  8. Thank you have helped me the most with this so I marked it as solved. I am new to the pineapple and I have got it to perfectly work with my Mac, that being said I'm 15 and still have school. I must work around school to learn ethical hacking, and I thank you for bearing with my time schedule. -BitCubeTV
  9. I'm sorry, I don't use Microdick Winblows. I'm not smart enough to clean viruses off my computer, follow arcane setup instructions, deal with drivers that don't work, and know just when to give up and return peripherals and software that aren't compatible. So I'm forced to use Macs where everything is easy, and I'm sorry once in a while I need to seek a little bit of advice to solve some of my issues. You know what they say, "What you don't have, you don't want."
  10. Im sorry for change AGAIN, but I now followed your post "Mac Ics Works" and I I HAD it working I unplug the pineapple and moved it and pluged it back in with the same setup and now nothing works again WTF!
  11. Thanks or this, this is awesome I am glad you posted this I can't wait to test with aircrack-ng :D
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