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  1. Yeah, I 've had 2.8.0, but karma seems to be very buggy there
  2. Hey guys, My vesion of Mark IV is 2.7.7 . I installed nmap using opkg install nmap. When I wanted to run it I got an error "nmap: can't load library 'libpcap.so.1.3' " . So I removed this libpcap with opkg remove a installed newer one from repository (1.3). Nmap worked perfectly, but when I wanted to run dnsspoof wrote me down can't load library 'libpcap.so.1.1' I was searching internets to get this .bin, but I couldn't find it. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey guys, I've downgraded from 2.8.0 to 2.6.0 and done some testing: 1. Karma vs. Win7 - very well - On my win7 I used to connect to 4 different secured wifi networks from which I'm far away now. When win7 turned on all 4 were there as pineapple , unsecured, no autoconnect, but it could be set and next restart I was autoconnected to pineapple. 2. Karma vs. Fedora - very good as well - Every open wifi I used to be connected was there as pineapple. No secured networks, but I'm not sure if I ever connected to any secured network from this fedora, so I can't tell. 3. Karma vs. Ubuntu - weak - Maybe on 5th try I managed to get karma on 1 or 2 networks I used to be connected from really a lot of networks I was ever connected from this wlan. Not sure whats the case. 4. Karma vs. Android 4.0.4 on HTC Desire X - very weak - I got karma only when I added network manually (like I wrote ssid sth like "sdfsdfasad") and it connected to pineapple. 5. Karma vs. Backtrack 5 - very weak - practically the same as Android. So guys this was my testing with 2.6.0. Not sure how it will behave on 2.8.0, maybe tommorow I'll give it try. Basicilly I think this is the right behavior how karma works. If you have some idea why it works better/worse vs. some systems, please share with us. Also if you've done some testing as well, go on, tell us! Thanks
  4. Bought my pineapple recently, having the same problem as above. Is there possibility that karma worked differently in older versions of pineapple firmware?
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